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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Arrested at my own home.

10.28.2011 / 11:02 a.m.

Here is a small piece of poem I personally composed. It’s about rebelling, being imprisoned, well not literally though. Feeling left alone may be the best description. How can you save yourself under that circumstance? This one’s a free verse and free style, supposedly.

Arrested at my own home.

Waking up every morning
With supposedly a smile from my face
And what I really want
Is just a piece of good vibe for today.

But how can you grow up?
Or even become a better man
When you live in the house
Full of naggers and judges?

Love and understanding are something I need
For me being a radical minded
But it was supposed to be a comfortable place, and
Not a prison cell or the vault of the dead.

No one to hear neither my talk nor my loudest cry
But I can only say “thank you” with a chuckle to the air passing by.

Misjudgments turned me
From a superhuman to a mistaken lazy-ass
Cast out from the streets of reality
With negative idiots surrounded.

Kept praying and working all day long while no one’s around
The only problem though is even gratitude doesn’t pays me back
Like things didn’t worked out
And if it falls apart, I’m gonna be blamed for

I wish I can ask my mom
“am I really your son?”
And wishing for people to understand that
It’s not always easy to be a better man.

Like a bullied student or mis-accused imprisoned man
I’m waiting for explode with my brain and heart’s like a time bomb
And the only thing that can save me here
Is a disease called “breakdown.”

--slick master
Originially written: 10/1/2011, 3.p.m.

© 2011 september twenty-eight productions.

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