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Tuesday, March 05, 2024

Newsletter: SZA releases 5-track audio bundle for “Saturn”


Top Dawg Entertainment/RCA Records’ 4x-time Grammy award-winning artist SZA, releases a 5-track audio bundle for “Saturn.”

Monday, March 04, 2024



MGMT has offered a final taste of new music ahead of the Feb. 23 release of their upcoming Mom + Pop album Loss Of Life, in the form of “Dancing in Babylon.” The song and video both feature Christine and the Queens’ Chris, marking the first ever duet on an MGMT album. Listen to “Dancing in Babylon” HERE. Buy/Stream Loss of Life HERE.

Newsletter: Patricia Heart joins all-star roster of Sony Music Entertainment, releases debut single “Kahit Di Ako ang Gusto Mo”


The track blends confessional songwriting style with a soul-stirring, crossover sound

Filipino singer-songwriter Patricia Heart is ready to captivate the mainstream audience with her authenticity and music talent. The CamSur-based recording artist has recently signed with Sony Music Entertainment, the home to an all-star roster of OPM acts such as Ben&Ben, SB19, Clara Benin, Ace Banzuelo, Denise Julia, O Side Mafia, Demi, and dwta—to name a few.

Sunday, March 03, 2024

Newsletter: College of Science Students Voice Out Concerns at the CS-Wide Student Consultation


By Harvey Sapigao

CS students at the CS-Wide Student Consultation. (Photo credit: Leandro Sampang)

Tight academic calendar schedules, ineffective reading breaks, and slow responses to mental health needs are among the pleas of CS students in the student-led CS-wide consultation held at the National Institute of Physics Auditorium on February 12, 2024.

Newsletter: Justin Timberlake drops new track “Drown”


New album, Everything I Thought It Was to be released March 15th via RCA Records – pre-order here

Multi-award-winning artist Justin Timberlake releases his new track “Drown” via RCA Records/Sony Music Entertainment.

Saturday, March 02, 2024



Photo Credit: Ian Hippolyte

London-based four-piece PREP have released a new single "Getaway" via Bright Antenna Records, featuring an artist their fans in Southeast Asia have been waiting for for a long time – the one and only Phum Viphurit from Thailand. "Getaway" is a track about the conflicting feelings of needing a break from a situation, but knowing you don’t want to leave it behind forever. Fans can listen to the song here:

Newsletter: SPOTV to Bring Back Major League Baseball (MLB) in Southeast Asia


Get ready for a home run as SPOTV is finally bringing back Major League Baseball (MLB) to your screens in Southeast Asia after many years of absence.  The new 2024 MLB season will commence next month from March 28 through to the end of September 2024, where SPOTV will broadcast and stream at least five live games a week in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines, through its pay-tv channels (SPOTV, SPOTV 2) and streaming app (SPOTV NOW).

Friday, March 01, 2024



Conservation-led luxury travel company &Beyond has announced the extension of its South America portfolio with the launch of an expedition yacht in the Galapagos Islands. Named the &Beyond Galapagos Explorer, the 38 m (124 ft) yacht will operate on two 7-night routes in the east and west of the famed Galapagos Islands. Boasting just six suites and cabins, the yacht will cater for a maximum of 12 guests, with two expert guides present on each departure. 

Newsletter: dwta and Arthur Miguel reflect on unrequited feelings in collab single “Tahan na”


The heartfelt tune marks the second time that the two artists have worked together for a project—the first one being a reworked version of the streaming hit “Lihim”

Acclaimed singer-songwriter dwta teams up with chart-topping newcomer Arthur Miguel on “Tahan Na,” out via Sony Music Entertainment.

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Newsletter: Kaspersky report: 1 in 3 Filipinos face threats from USBs, removable devices 


Global cybersecurity company Kaspersky is urging Filipinos to be wary of careless plugging of USBs to their computers unless they have been scanned following the release of data that 36.80% of users in the Philippines were attacked by local threats from January to December 2023. 

Local threats are malware spread through removable media such as flash drives, even CDs and DVDs and other "offline" methods. ​​Worms and file viruses account for the majority of incidents. 

The Philippines ranks third in Southeast Asia with the most number of users attacked by local threats, according to the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN). The country trails behind Vietnam (53.30%) and Indonesia (41.10%). 

KSN is a complex distributed infrastructure dedicated to processing cybersecurity-related data streams from millions of voluntary participants around the world. KSN data is collected from Kaspersky customers here who have installed the company’s cybersecurity software on their computers and voluntarily shared information with the firm.

Globally, the Philippines placed 76th in Kaspersky's KSN report in 2023. It was 72nd in 2022 and 70th in 2021. Since 2019, the country's overall percentage of Kaspersky users attacked by local threats ranged from 42% to 51%. Throughout 2023, Kaspersky solutions detected and blocked a total of 22,731,157 local threats.

The top ten most attacked countries in 2023 are from Central Asia, Africa, and South Asia. 

“Thumb drives are so nifty! Over time, it has become smaller in size, yet its capacity has tremendously increased that we can now store large files like videos and multiple copies of them on a single drive. They can even last up to 10 years or more now, so quality has also evolved drastically. There's no doubt that even with cloud storage now available, I think USBs are going to stick around for a long time,” said Yeo Siang Tiong, General Manager for Southeast Asia at Kaspersky. 
“But USBs are a boon to everyone who uses them, cybercriminals included, and a bane for those unaware that such offline hardware could cause a catastrophe. We need to understand that cyberattacks don't come solely from the internet. Attackers are finding ways to get to your devices, like with the use of these seemingly plain removable media, which we could prevent with proper USB hygiene,” added Yeo. 

According to Kaspersky, secure USB drive manufacturers are following the FIPS 140 certification standard that involves a cryptographic security disclosure and validation process. But some encrypted USB drives pass certification and are still vulnerable to attacks—sometimes even the easy ones. 

The danger levels of USBs are currently classified in three (3) categories:

1. Serendipitous: Open to an opportunistic attacker with minimal resources—basically, at this level you find a person who may have found or stolen a drive and is eager to get their hands on the information it possibly contains.

2. Professional: Available to attackers with resources, albeit limited ones. Mostly, attackers at this level are interested in gathering large amounts of information; and 

3. State-sponsored: Requires attackers with plenty of resources. Usually, attackers are after specific data, and keys that are worth a large investment. 

Below are some helpful tips from Kaspersky experts to keep your USB sticks clean and your computers, safe:

1. Configure your OS to avoid running anything from USBs. 

If an attacker leaves an infected USB card in your office and you pick one up and plug into your computer, you need to make sure your antivirus software is set up to prevent the opening and running of any infected files. If you're using Kaspersky Premium, the software will perform an auto-scan of your USB stick the moment you plug it in. After scanning, it will give you the option to repair or it will alert you if a threat is detected. 

2. Update your OS. 

When your OS offers you a patch update, download it. Patches are released to improve upon imperfections and vulnerabilities within your software and neglecting to keep up with the latest versions could make you susceptible to viruses. In the case of USB malware, make sure your OS is patched against AutoRun exploits so again, your system is not automatically running anything from your removable devices. 

3. Don't copy executable files. 

Executable files can cause your computer to perform tasks that have been assigned by encoded instructions. You can imagine the danger of copying this type of file from an unknown source so it's best to avoid doing so altogether. We recommend downloading all software directly from official, trusted sites only. 

4. Keep your drives separate.

On top of making sure you're only using USB drives given to you by trusted sources, you should also make sure that you aren't using them to mix business with pleasure. It’s safest to keep your work and personal information separate from one another, especially if your USB sticks are being used by multiple people in your home or office.


Newsletter: Accelerating S&T in PH through Research: High-Impact Studies Led by UP Scientists in 2023


By Eunice Jean Patron

Science and technology (S&T) play a vital role in Philippine development, providing innovative solutions to societal challenges faced by Filipinos. In that regard, the University of the Philippines – Diliman College of Science (UPD-CS) has been at the forefront of advancing S&T in the Philippines for decades, producing basic and applied scientific research of high standards and national relevance. Year after year, research spearheaded by UPD-CS scientists is published in various journals with high impact factors. The impact factor is a variable measuring a journal’s importance based on the average number of citations of its articles.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Newsletter: SB19’s Josh Cullen drops official remix of “Get Right,” featuring Filipino rapper Yuridope


P-Pop star Josh Cullen joins forces with Filipino rapper Yuridope for the official remix of “Get Right.”
Instantly hitting it off with undeniable chemistry, the duo rocked the remix with an insatiable drive to flip the beat, get the verses turned up, and deliver a performance that is equally compelling as the original. 

Newsletter: Filipino indie-rock band CHEATS to celebrate 10th anniversary with intimate show


Filipino indie-rock outfit CHEATS will be celebrating their 10th anniversary in the local music scene with a headline show happening on March 16, 2024, at Balcony Music House in Makati City.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Newsletter: Globe volunteers help seniors go digital in #SeniorDigizen campaign


Globe volunteer Janette Patricia Guillen (standing) assists senior participants at Globe’s “Teach Me How to Digi” Learning Session, January 25, 2024.

The sun wasn’t even out yet when 47 Globe volunteers arrived at the SM North Edsa Sky Dome one early morning on a special mission: to help turn senior citizens into #SeniorDigizens. 

Newsletter: UP Atmospheric Physicist Takes to the Skies with NASA: Monitoring Air Quality on NASA817


By: Maria Alexandra Marmol

 (Photo credit: Dr. Gerry Bagtasa, 2024)

Dr. Gerry Bagtasa of the UP Diliman College of Science – Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology (UPD – CS IESM) took flight with NASA last Sunday, February 11, 2024, as part of an air pollution measurement campaign called ASIA-AQ (Airborne and Satellite Investigation of Asian Air Quality).