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About The SlickMaster's Files


Okay. There's a lot of things this guy wants to get off his chest, but he promises to keep them short. So how we did start this shit?

The SlickMaster's Files began as a personal blog by Nes in January 2009. This blog became the venue for him — or SlickMaster — to rave and rant about anything and everything, from sports and pop culture to politics. However, four years since inception, the blog has been rebranded as The SlickMaster's Files.

Currently, The SlickMaster's Files has posted over 3,000 blog articles. For years, the site continues to accommodate stories from entertainment, technology, and lifestyle. Also, SlickMaster is still posting here his reviews on music, movies, wrestling shows, and even reactions from the news (sometimes).

Aside from blogging, TSF has expanded into other forms of content creation. In 2015, SlickMaster ventured in music, events, and street photography. In 2020, he also hosts and produces the These Drunken Midnights podcast. And recently, SlickMaster regains his passion videos through his gig dump channel on YouTube

In addition, The SlickMaster's Files also became a media partner for some of the event production outfits in the local music scene.

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