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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lebron nails it. Now what?

This is it. LeBron James finally got his own ring! After that triple double and an insane 3rd quarter run, the MIAMI HEAT were crowned the 2012 National Basketball Association champions. Thanks to that tune of 121-106 score after those 48 minutes in Game #5 of the NBA finals.

Well, let me guess what are those critics and haters of the 3-time MVP will tell. He won MVP and finals MVP.
So, why the hell would you tell us that it’s only Bosh, Wade and the others’ championship? Bitter much? Hey, ‘Bron didn’t get it all by himself, almost unlike the situation he once had when he was with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Basketball is a team game, and is still a team game and you should know that ever since even if you got a ball-hog like player out there.

He only got that because of Wade? You’re stupid enough to think, right? I already told that in the previous paragraph. Sure, Dwyane Wade is mightier than the king, but the fact that he stepped aside to let the King take the role? Man, you have to love the Flash for that. They’re really more than teammates but they do are friends.

He’s just got lucky? Nah, luck factor was never an evident when it comes to winning games, dude. It’s just a bonus. When you want to win a game, take praises and criticisms but do your hard work first before taking other’s words in instance.

That’s the only thing he’ll have in terms of ring. I swear he won’t get any next time. Nah, that may be true but as long as he never retires, he will continue to reign, just like Kobe, His Airness, or even Wilt. In fact, LeBron’s luckier than Karl Malone. The ex-Utah Jazz and Los Angeles Laker power forward had made it to the big dance thrice, but came up short every time. That’s a heart-breaking moment right there. Who in the world will never be frustrated when you failed to win in the playoffs, even a step of the ladder? I mean, advancing to the coming rounds.

Nah, one thing is for sure. Critics will have something to say, and haters will continue to hate. All we have to do is to move on.

Let the young man seize the moment. He needs that badly. For you he may not be the greatest player, but for a lot of people, he is. That’s why he’s in the NBA right now. And you, hating him? Will just be either sticking out there at the stands, or in front of either your TV or computer. Nah, let’s move on folks.

Author: slickmaster
Date: 06/23/2012
Time: 9:30 AM
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