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Sunday, June 24, 2012

MIAMI Heat on total redemption.

One of the most scrutinized teams in the past 2 years; the Miami Heat made all the way to the NBA finals and nailed a championship.

They were barely criticized when they landed LeBron James and Chris Bosh to the South Florida squad join their draft-mate superstar Dwyane Wade, and still failed to manage to take home the championship then after losing to their once-upon-a-finale-rival Dallas Mavericks in the 2011 NBA finals.

Everything has changed then. They faced their finals opponent on their very first NBA regular assignment on Christmas day and won over them. It’s not just a revenge spelling on their acts anymore then, it started a circus run. Going up and down of the first four spots of the Eastern conference and eventually finished at the second spot prior to the post season party.

Facing the Heat were the New York Knicks, a sudden emerged team thanks to the unlikely chance of stardom for Jeremy Lin. However, the Taiwanese-American point guard was injured prior to the preliminary series. Somehow, snapping them out of the run in 5 games. Forget James’ fellow ’03 star Carmelo Anthony for the matter, with Amare Stoudemire, Tyson Chandler, Baron Davis and everyone else. They had a fat chance to upset them. But…

Up, next were the Indiana Pacers. Also an emerging team in the playoffs, they threw the beast by the name of Orlando Magic out of their contention as they took advantage of Dwight Howard’s sick bay absence. In fact, they defeat the Miami Heat at Game 2 of the said series, snapping Miami’s home game winning streak. The series even went on the Pacers’ favour, 2-1, and with the bonus of altercation between LeBron and Danny Granger. But Miami turned everything upside down and won the series by taking the 3 straight victories to avenge that Game 3 loss.

Facing the Eastern conference finals were the aging but still kicking Boston Celtics, a team that had been winning a lot in the playoffs ever since and on the past 5 years. They compiled almost a hundred playoff games won since July 31, 2007 prior to game 7 of their duel. Miami lost to Boston once, and avenged everything the following year. It’s like a 2-on-4 duel in favour of the Green this time. Look, it’s tough to stop Rondo but James and Wade managed to carry the team and not to mention, Bosh’s return ignite the comeback of the Miami Heat whom were down 3-2  prior to Game 6; and Shane Battier’s suddenly hot shooting spelled the doom for the Celtics in a do-or-die contest.

The big dance came in, and all they were up into against Oklahoma City thunder, a team that went into surprise run more than any other team in the Western conference. The Heat were badly hurt after that game 1 collapse which Kevin Durant’s scoring surge won the game for the Thunder. FIRST BLOOD.

But Game 2 went on and Shane’s hand went on fire again, something that went unpredictable for the old wingman’s career. They held off the Thunder then.

The series shifted to the South Florida and everything went into Miami’s favour amidst Oklahoma’s series of runs. They eventually won the 3 middle games despite LeBron’s sudden cramps in Game 4. But never-the-less he carried on his team to an almost triple double statline there.

Game 5 clinched it for Miami. They’re up 3-1 against a younger team whom may had been feeling like “How LeBron experienced his first finals games” in 2007. But James took charge alongside with his buddies Dwyane Wade and Chris bosh. Plus Mike Miller’s 7/8 shooting from downtown, that may be the last for the man’s career, but it could be a memorable one when he waved to the fans on that big screen at the American Airlines Arena. A huge 3rd quarter run spelled the entire thing in favour of Wade’s crew, eventually winning it, 121-106. And the King has his ring, out of his triple double effort to close out OKC. Thus, winning his first championship, first also for coach Eric Spolestra, and Bron’s first finals MVP as well.

He has been a Cinderella man, whom had been up there, failed to seized the moment and managed to get back regardless of the sparing hatred and controversies.

Author: slickmaster
Date: 06/23/2012
Time: 10:52 AM
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