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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Playback: Wanted: The Road Rager

08/15/2012 | 10:47 AM

Another bad case of road rage was up in the air after the news and public service TV program T3 of TV5 aired on its first segment the video of what their crew witnessed at the intersection of Tandang Sora and Capitol Hill streets in Quezon City.

A certain Robert Blair Carabuena flared up and hit a traffic enforcer of the Metro Manila Development Authority by the name of Saturnino Fabros. All in that and more in this video, which is my pick for this week of August 12-18.

This was the very initial report of the said road rage case, which spared another wildfire of reactions all over the mainstream media and on the social media as well. Carabuena has been the main target of the raging comments on its article on (link:

You'd be the judge, folks. I'll had already my take in The SlickMaster's Files. See the next post!

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