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Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Rundown Slam: Disrespect (WrestleMania 29)

4/13/2013 5:55:41 AM
Inside the mind of a not-so-avid-follower of WWE.

This was actually the second straight year that I watched the World Wrestling Entertainment's flagship event called  Wrestlemania. Give Studio 23 a credit for airing that. I have seen a number of televised wrestling shows during my childhood, and thankfully now I can be able to watch everything again no matter how "brutally scripted" that may be.

But anyway I will not give my take on all the other matches unless I want to watch it again (though there are video streaming sites such as YouTube and Dailymotion, I still prefer to have it on TV instead). I’ll give the emphasis on the huge matches set on the said event.

It was a moment of redemption for John Cena as bagged home the WWE Championship at the main event against Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Perhaps it could go on either people-have-expected-that-already or the other way around. I’ll have my take on that by next time I will post something about Wrestlemania 29 (Yes, this same damn topic… folks).

Brock Lesnar and Triple H’s clash was perhaps considered as the most brutally-spoken (and acted too) battle of the day.

However, I’ll pick the total-wrecker-warfare between the streaking Undertaker and the “Best In The World” as the main specialty for me.

The clash between The Undertaker and CM Punk was perhaps one of the most talked about matches in Wrestlemania 29. Maybe it was because of the revolving drama between these two wrestlers. It’s not just about the former’s unbeaten streak; it’s more of the respect that it is not given by the latter to the late Paul Bearer.

The stage was set on that Saturday evening at the MetLife Stadium, and The Undertaker’s 20-0 record was on the line. Everything that is inhumane was witnessed by around 80,000 people for thirty-eight hell-damn minutes. Yes, 38 damn minutes of hell, from the prelude segment, into their own respecting introductions, to their massive acts of destruction, until to the ref’s final decision.

In the end, it’s not just respect that begets respect. It was the phenom Undertaker emerging victorious. Not just in extending his exceptional winning run, but taking the big W with 2 huge words slapping to CM Punk: Vengeance and Respect.

My take for that matter: he deserved to win the fight, and I can notice how bad he wanted to hurt CM Punk. Yes, so badly that he can only hit his nemesis as the only way to get back from Punk’s acts of disrespecting him and his late manager Paul Bearer, and that includes Paul Heyman’s mocking moves there.

No doubt, it was a hard-earned win and a mere piece called “sweet revenge.”

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