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Friday, June 07, 2013

First Blood On A Cool Clutch Shot

6:31:53 PM | 6/7/2013 | Friday

All eyes were on the Game 1 of the 2013 National Basketball Association championship series between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs. What went wrong for the defending champions, and how did the Spurs steal the opener at the opponent’s home court? What the Heat have to adjust next outing and how should Spurs sustain their play?

The Heat’s players were doing well in offensive end. You talked about their shooting, rebounding and their ball movement. However, defence was definitely a huge factor on this one. Consider this thing, during the first twelve minutes of action. Miami shot well from the field but still can’t get away from the Spurs’ tempo. It may be fast, but still it was close fight between them. And it was still the game’s pace all the way until fourth quarter.

And I think the way the game played by the Spurs in the fourth canto spelled the fate of both teams. I’m talking about better plays, and capitalizing Miami’s clutch turnovers, with a few and notable of them belonged to the MVP LeBron James.

So, you might think that he is choking eh? (i.e. Hater: “LeChoke does it again.”) Hey, it’s too early to tell, though. But the problem for them is that LBJ and company used to suffer a bunch of “fourth-quarter meltdown” scenarios in most of their Final games in 2011. It could almost appear like a déjà vu.

Big men supposed to attack the basket, just like everyone else. And that’s why ‘Bron got higher number of caroms than Chris Bosh. He can even outmatch Tim Duncan if only intend to do so.

Miami was a good defensive team, but they failed to contain a lightning quick guard by the name of Tony Parker. Certainly he is the major problem and pain for every opponent in the Finals. He can beat you all the way down on the break; he can pull the teardrops up; and nails the shot whether in good form or an off-balance act. And that is “clutch shot” for you.

Plus, with Manu Ginobili being his lefty counterpart, the Spurs are indeed a dangerous crew to battle with. If San Antonio wins on the next game, the Heat is in serious trouble. Really. Tim Duncan is Tim Duncan. Might be old but still can perform a vintage act. Danny Green’s knocking threes even if Kawhi Leonard’s off, and not to mention, Gary Neal.

Ray Allen’s assassin moves were still there. Dwyane Wade’s clutch instinct should come out more though. They may argue on which player hold on the ball when crunch time arrives but they will need to share huge roles when it comes to that.

Are the Spurs lucky? Maybe, as they say it. However, records will solidify that it’s not just pure luck alone. They’re already undefeated in 5 finals series opener games in their franchise history, which gives them a certified winning mark if they bagged that NBA trophy again (as most of the Game 1 winners used to win the series; and for the Spurs? They haven’t lost a series even if they went victorious on a first blood).

Well, Monday here we come.

Meantime, leaving you now with the top play of the Finals Game 1

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