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Saturday, September 28, 2013

69 Things In Life, According To Me

9/26/2013 10:29:18 PM

Supposedly, I should have named this article as "69 Things I Learned So Far in Life." However, due to certain circumstances which I may end up doing either a duplicate or infringement… I decided to change and made some revisions on my content (aside from the fact that I've been struggling on my grammatical errors).

OKAY, I am not a philanthropist. Not even a scientist from a specific field where the study of life, culture and behavior fell under. All I know is I have been travelling in this journey of life for the past 23 years, and still walking and running and walking and running in this same path.

And honestly, the words that you saw in the title of this post are very common. Perhaps, it is also a very basic way for somebody to start writing. Even one of my idols used to wrote his share of insights using that title (with a different number of items, of course). Even the articles and the authors of the famed Readers’ Digest used to publish their own share of 7 Things I’ve learned So Far. And even the guy known as Stefan Sagmeister

Perhaps some will wonder, why 69? I don’t know the answer for that either. I could have putted up 89, 90, 123, or any other number. But aside from 69 as a controversial number to the eyes of conservatives and sexually active peeps, I really have no idea why I ended up listing 69 things.

But anyway, here it goes.

1. Life is beautiful, unless you're not beautiful. The people who used to look up on what we used to know as “pleasing personality.” 
2. My greatest mistake (and my favorite as well) was creating a Facebook account, because it turned out to be an “addictive mistake” on my part. Because of social media such as this site, my life changed into a wholly different level. The upside though is that this “mistake” gave me some "benefits." 
3. The only person whom you need to please with is yourself. 
4. Mainstream makes you dumb, especially at present times where nothing but a bunch of bullshits trended in front of your respective idiot boxes. 
5. Stand on your belief, even if it's against the majority. 
6. The world is too harsh. 
7. Don't wait for karma to come. Learn to fight back when you needed to. 
8. Never ever use "love" as an excuse for your stupidity. You are disgracing the good name of it. 
9. There are no such things as "best friend" and “secrets.” 
10. Small shits can generate mass damages. Want an example? See those pictures of flash floods occurred during the last few years from now. 
11. Judgmental people tend to be a bunch of hypocrites at the same time. 
12. Snappy answers suit best to those stupid lovelife questions. 
13. The present society is consisted of three things: ignorant, emotional, and illogical people. 
14. Have faith in your God, not in your religion. 
15. Money changes everything. And loving it is the real root of all evil 
16. Emotions? It's all in your mind. 
17. Don’t go with the flow. Go against them instead. 
18. At the end of the day, your will follow your own “word. And you should. Why? It’s self-explanatory. 
19. Discipline can never go along with democracy. Just like law and human rights. 
20. Ranting is not all bad; and just because I rant a lot doesn't mean that I'm mad for almost every single time. 
21. Even nice guys have to be harsh sometimes, especially if they’re abused by some people for a lot of times. 
22. There are so many misconceptions when it comes to love, relationships and obsession. The problem is that the thin line is now “blurred.” 
23. As the saying goes, You have to smash your idols before they smash you. 
24. Pride is not all negative. Without it, do you think you can earn “self-respect?” 
25. Social media defines the real power—and character of our current republic. 
26. Don't let a regret haunt you. Make it your lesson instead. 
27. Pretending to be someone is the most damn stupid thing one can do. 
28. Class is only for old-fashioned. Swag is for the idiots, however. 
29. Corruption exists in every sector of our society. 
30. You don't really need many friends. Just a few real ones will do. And these real friends will show up on you at the very toughest times of your life. They will make you learn your mistakes but they will also help you to get back to where you really belong. 
31. Not at all times, "true colors" used to have a bad connotation. 
32. Love is what NOT the world really needs. It should be APPRECIATION. 
33. Politics in this country is meant to be played dirty. And anyone who will act clean need to be prepared for a scarier consequence knew as “death.” 
34. There's no such thing as "fair and square," because in this world, we can only win the game by simple outplaying our respective opponents by all whatever means. 
35. Sex is beautiful, same thing with love. It's only people who tend to abuse them with some kind of malicious manners. And that is such a disgracing fact to notice. 
36. Music is the real time machine. Photographs can tell you thousand memories, but music is the most animated nostalgic thing this world has ever created. And I am not talking on a superficial level. 
37. No one really wins in an argument. And the real winners of a debate are the people who managed to respect their colleagues despite having opposite views between them. 
38. The best things in life come with a corresponding PRICE. The air that we breathe is the only “freebie” we have right now. 
39. Be careful on whom you're hating. You might need their help soon. 
40. When somebody told you, "the solution is in your hands," it also means the problem also lies in you.
41. A single mistake can't define a man as a whole. 
42. We all have an "attitude." We just create that so-called “negative connotation” on our respective minds whenever we hear that word. And same thing goes with “stigmas.” 
43. Three reasons why our nation is running in a miserable note: dirty politics, controversies in showbiz, and telenovelas. In addition, it resulted into three things that really suck at all: the act of over-romanticizing, high school, and the cheaper side of the present popular culture. 
44. You can’t have everything in an instant, but you can work hard to earn them all in a long run. 
45. There is always a "provoking factor" in every single incident. So before you point a finger on a person, make sure you knew the story first. 
46. Use your heart as a source of strength instead of being a triggering factor on your weakness. 
47. We can only appreciate the beautiful things we once had when it’s already gone. 
48. The world is a big marketplace. Every single one of us are competing against each other; and we used to market ourselves for our own bragging right to stand among the others. 
49. People will always have something to say about you, regardless if you had done good, bad, or both. 
50. Those cute young kids will grow one day and become a bunch of whores and bitches. Just like what you used to see in that one cable channel when you were young. 
51. Not all men are jerks. Stereotyping them as one is just a bastard's lame excuse. 
52. Criticisms aren't meant to break you. At times, it can help you either. 
53. Threats are nothing but a coward's last resort. 
54. Everything happens for a reason. And what reason” is that? It's up for you to figure that out. 
55. You control your own fate. 
56. Having a positive mindset is the main key to a good and successful life. 
57. I write to express, not to impress. 
58. A simple act of miscommunication can ruin relationships. And sometimes, even network connection problems. 
59. Life without a problem is boring. 
60. Get closer first before you taunt. If you know the so-called “onion skin theory," then you already know what the hell I really mean. In a Filipino saying, “bago ka mang-asar, siuguarduhin mo muna na  close tayo.” 
61. If you want to be happy in your life, learn to love yourself. 
62. A true “open-minded person” knows that everything has its own proper places; instead of blurting things out away from their boxes. 
63. The street is my real "home." And sometimes, your “house" can be the most stressful place in the world. 
64. There is nothing more annoying than seeing a couple exhibiting an act of excessive Public Display of Affection. 
65. Before you judge me, let me tell you this: “I'm not weird. I'm unique (and you're stupid).” 
66. Being an educated guy will never make you famous. 
67. Drinking cases of beer won't help you solve your problems. You're just bullshitting us.
68. Being serious can be fun sometimes. 
69. There is more to life than listing these items. As long as I live, many things will come, and there are a lot for me to learn.

P.S. Some of the items here may be referred to some certain sayings, which most of its credit goes to a certain "Anonymous." Also, some of the items listed may not please you (but who cares, anyway? It's my belief, not yours.).

Author: slickmaster | © 2013 september twenty-eight productions


  1. Life without a problem is indeed boring but I don't mind boring as long as I can avoid a headache. :)

  2. Life is full of mystery, and life is who you are right now.

  3. I had my reflective days of my life too where I felt some of your 69 things.. life is just really a color of shade and sunshine.

  4. Facebook does take so much of your time but it does connect you with the rest of the world.

  5. Great realization, its good to hear that men are growing up lol

    1. lol! men will grew up, of course. If you know what I'm pointing out.

  6. Love reading this..thanks :)

  7. Reading something about life never bores me, something that I would always love to ponder on. :)

  8. 9. There are no such things as "best friend" and “secrets.”

    I only keep my secret to myself..

  9. really interesting :) I’ve treated problems like locks and keys that there were always solution in every obstacle I encountered.

  10. I like what you said about one mistake not making a man...may I add there are no mistakes in life only lessons, unless you keep on repeating them...

  11. Nmber 69 caught my attenion because it's the end, and really a must for everyone. Life is a continuous learning of everything you wanted and disliked.

  12. "Having a positive mindset is the main key to a good and successful life." this is me! :D positivity=happy life

  13. Favorite ko yung mainstream makes you dumb. haha. This is true, especially when a loot of netizens share viral photos without double checking references or validity of such posts.

  14. Woow that's totally a lot. Thanks for sharing, although there are some items I am not agreeable with.

  15. Based on this list, I think you're a cool dude.

  16. "Never ever use "love" as an excuse for your stupidity. You are disgracing the good name of it."

    Indeed, some of my acquaintances do not know how to differentiate between love and infatuation! Considering having a crush or lust is love nor even "in love" with selfishness without mutualism, I don't think so! XD

  17. "Never ever use "love" as an excuse for your stupidity. You are disgracing the good name of it."

    Indeed! Some of my acquaintances do not know how to differentiate between love and infatuation. Considering having a crush, in its complete exaggeration, as love and selfishness without mutual feelings is never been love in the first place.


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