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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Goodbye WOTL?

11:02 AM 01/09/2014 

Is TV interstitial “Word Of The Lourd” saying goodbye?

A video about the program’s intriguing message was posted at the show’s YouTube channel (tv5theveningnews) on Christmas eve, entitled “Isang mahalagang mensahe mga bayaw!”  The 13-second clip showed the host Lourd de Veyra speaking “Dito sa Word Of The Lourd” for numerous times, followed by “Uy, salamat ha?”

Several internet users reacted upon WOTL’s “goodbye.” With mostly expressed their disappointment that the program will come to an end.

Others said that there might be something new that will take place.

Lourd de Veyra’s mini-program lasted for about 5 years. It was first aired as part of TV5’s “The Evening News” on early 2009. The segment went on until TEN went into fold on March 2010.

When TV5 launched their news channel AksyonTV in February 2011, Word Of The Lourd was also one of its programs to put into broadcast, earning popularity among the Filipino youth and internet users, with Jun Sabayton doing the directing chores, and also the acting as well.  

Well, my take. It is indeed kinda disappointing to see a show like this go away. But let's face it. That's life. That's business.

'Til we meet again, WOTL!

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