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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Lookback: Usapang Lalake – "Globe"

4/1/2014 10:23:57 AM

At the moment, I had a lot of things in my mind; some things I wish I can really put into writing (yes, in both personal blog and on my other sideline).

Unfortunately though, the other side of my logical thinking, as well as emotions and my entire soul is not cooperating with me. And I can only cite reasons which are too personal to share with.

I tried dealing with this by hitting several tracks that served as my mood-setter. Again, it’s unfortunate things weren't successful.

However, I would like to share this clip with all of you.

This may be no perfect prank for an April Fool’s Day. In fact, the joke seemed to be on Kuya Jobert’s ‘jerky boyfriend’ role here.

But… hey, I’ve been watching this video for like three years, and ended up hysterically laughing. However, there’s nothing really new on the issue, eh? I mean, let’s face it – some other guys used to do the same deed as Jobert has portrayed here. (And same goes to girls who used to do also, by the way.)

Well, maybe some jerks found a new trend in fooling their girls through text. Still, the woman emerged on top.

Talk about a rebuttal on a prank, eh?

And this reminds me something: shoot, I am missing Usapang Lalake too, like anyone else who’s been more of a die-hard fan than I do. Seriously, why such machismo-driven program like this should went off the air? They’re comical at their level.

Real deal, as it seems, right?

But back to reality, now… argh, my mind’s on the tough grind again. Maybe I should re-view their several episodes and mini-clips again as I take a brief break from blogging and the real life. 

Anyway, no sarcasm pun intended, so long!

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