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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wild Western Dominance

5/24/2014 2:48:29 AM

Let’s face it, fans. The Western Conference teams owned the NBA right now. And I’m not talking about money here; but rather, wins, or overall performance, and playoff and even championship competencies.

Look, in the recent years, the Western Conference teams had a solid outcome after their respective 82-game regular assignments. Out of fifteen teams, it’s like nine or ten (or maybe, eleven) teams finished the wars with at least respectable winning records and corresponding percentages.

That’s in contrast to the overall performance of the Eastern Conference teams where most of the time, squads with superstars on their roster emerged the most. Is it all about money, or honing talent?

Or maybe, it’s just their prime right now?

I doubt.

Some sports aficionados may berate unfair for situations like what happened to this year’s post-season party. Ten Western crews finished at least .500 on winning records; but only the first eight managed to fully advanced to the second phase of the season.

While on the other side, it’s like two-thirds of the East Top 8 have the only best and bragging rights to the playoffs, while the remainder ran much luck to advance. Yes, despite their record which curates more losses than wins (actually, a bit slight difference of Ls and Ws).

So, the question: is the playoff bracket’s unfair at this point? Maybe.

But there’s nothing we can do about it, unless the NBA changed their constitution.

Plus, in conclusion, that only proves how the wild the Western conference was.

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