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Sunday, November 02, 2014

The Rundown Slam: WWE Hell in a Cell 2014

11/1/2014 2:09:34 PM

It’s that time of the year when the World Wrestling Entertainment switched gears and went as hellish as fuck when they slate two inferno-like cage matches on Sunday popularly known as Hell in the Cell.

The stage was set inside the Dallas Mavericks’ homecourt—the American Airlines Center—in Dallas, Texas, and packed crowd attendants were treated in two Hell in a Cell matches which both defied the audience hype and the story flow of the Authority era.

Kicking off the main program was the Intercontinental championship battle between Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler wherein one of them have to pin their opponent twice to be declared winner and the title-holder.
All I can say though was: as Dolph Ziggler may be the very usual fighter who drew intensity and insane-like performances in the ring, Cesaro was just as awesome as he was before. He barely needed that considering his heel gimmicks brought his overall rating down as a superstar, especially during the time when he was no longer affiliated to Paul Heyman.

He was the show-stealer despite losing to the eventual defending champion Ziggler. As for the “Show Off,” it was a clean, totally unpredictable sweep. He may been out-performed by the show-stealer, but certainly he knew how to be the show-stopper either. Looks like DZ is back on being a main event carder.

Verdict: 8.6**

Next on the PPV event was the battle between the sisters. Yes, it’s Brie Bella versus Nikki Bella wherein the loser will become the winner’s personal assistant for 30 days. And in case one that “PA” withdrew from her duties, she must quit the WWE.

It seems the stipulation sounds funny, but the match didn’t really live the way it should be. That’s just silly. Plus, it seems predictable to think that Nikki won this one over Brie. She may be a hell, alright, but the fact she wrestled more than her “quitter” sister proved this match went emotional as shit. But… come on, still it’s abad acting stunt for the two of them.

Verdict: 6.9

Then it was the tag-team match between the Rhodes and Usos. Well, the former’s more known as the Dust brothers, with their rivalry already running for almost two months. The Usos are up for revenge, while both Goldust and Stardust are up for their first title defense as the current WWE’s duo champions.

WWE Network Facebook page

The Usos still act like the way they used to kick off every pay-per-view event. Their opponents actually blended well with them. Now that they are scheduled on a bit later parts of the evening just proved their talent’s worth at all.

However, the downside is that they lost anew. And the bizarre tandem stood tallest once again. Looks like perfect timing for the coming Halloween though. They’re always been creepy when they’re together anyway. I can sense a heel turn for the Samoan-native Jimmy and Jey, though I have no idea if that will work or they will end up like Cesaro.

Verdict: 8.3

Surprisingly though, the first Hell in a Cell was formally slated somewhere at the second hour of the program. Yes, considering that the rivalry of Randy Orton and John Cena inside HIAC was actually second main event of the evening. It just proved that WWE have already trusted both Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose for this edition of Hell in a Cell.

Cena almost now seemed a bit different from his usual matches in WWE. Is this the effect of the total humiliation he got from Brock Lesnar in SummerSlam? How we actually wish.

Bleacher Report
But looks like Randy Orton just reinvented himself yet again. And two RKOs just proved them all despite losing at the end.

I wonder though: the finish seemed predictable. Well, of course we can argue that Orton has beaten Cena twice in a singles competition in PPV event, including a unifying-titles ladder match in TLC last month in (ironically, just near Dallas) Houston.

But their rivalry was just a typical boyfriend-girlfriend relationship: on and off. Moreover, it even looked like recycled garbage. Orton needs the push as usual considering his dwindling rep as a lackey instead of being the top heel for the Authority storyline. Or else, he will turn face on them soon. I can sense it coming soon (with the most prematurely possible some time before Survivor Series).

Cena, on the other hand, really wants a piece of Lesnar once again. That simply says it all. I just hope that when the time comes for these two to square off inside the squared circle, Cena would portray even more ruthless like the way he had done in Night of Champions.

Verdict: 8.1

So the Intercontinental and United States championship matches appeared like they just swap on each other, eh? I’m talking about their challengers, by the way. If you noticed last PPV event Night of Champions, it was Dolph Ziggler versus Miz (which by the way, Miz won only to lose it 24 hours later and on ironic fashion), and Sheamus versus Cesaro for the US title. / Bleacher Report / SEO Scoops

Now, champ Sheamus faced the Miz as part of his title defense. Though Miz was more than just having a money-maker face, that wasn’t enough to dethrone the Celtic Warrior and furthermore extend his reign. I admire the near-finishing portions though. Comical shit actually, if you notice.

I’m sensing a feud between the Miz and his stunt double Damien Mizdow soon.

Verdict: 7.7

So, the WWE was really banking on diplomatic disputes, huh? I honestly liked Rusev in-ring, but not when it comes on their gimmick. That just sucks like the way the Rock addressed them three weeks ago. Could the creative do something better to build him up? We barely need big guy like him, but not in such a way where countries would be part of those “dicking around” plot.

And to think The Big Show could really neutralize the Bulgarian brute? Nah, you’ve gotta be kidding me. Show can really unleash that KO punch on him. But of course, as a fan, we could appreciate that even more if and only if done properly (I mean during a match and not as part of an off-game altercation).

Bleacher Report
That’s why when Big Show submits to Rusev, it just proved how a Goliath like him was a buster. Look, the same flow went during his scuffle against Brock Lesnar earlier this year. And guess what? Brock dealt him a loss during their ‘no hold barred’ match at the Royal Rumble. And that just sucked.

Verdict: 5.6

The Divas title was nothing spectacular. I mean they are not just as good as they were before. Why? Is it because AJ Lee and Paige clashed once more on every Sunday playdate? On the other side, could this send a statement proving that only these two ladies have the real balls to become standout on the women’s division?

And at the end, despite the brutal showing of Paige (with assistance of Alicia Fox), the lady who married CM Punk months ago, was still smiling and still reigning the Divas Champion. Yes, all that despite being showing that anti-social among the ladies.
Still, it sucks. Paige was not good as the bad girl type (and somehow, not even on the good side either). She’s hot all right, she has the moves; but what about the portrayal? The creative have something to do with that. It’s a failing gimmick. It's not the same anti-diva the way she used to be.

Verdict: 6.1

Now for the main event, which the drama lasted more than the actual battle: Dean Ambrose, the mind-fucked, revenge-seeking man versus Seth Rollins, a successful and hyped heel so far in the WWE.

Yes, the drama went so far that they clashed first at the TOP of the cell, and down crashing the announce tables.
Seems like Ambrose really have his hands full despite several distractions from Rollins’ henchmen, and even Kane who bombed a fire extinguisher on him.

It was almost brutal finish for the Lunatic Fringe, until a dark message sent the lights out. And you already know, something will be up, somebodywill be coming back.

videograb from Dailymotion
Yeah, fucking right. I was right when I saw that coming—it’s Bray Wyatt! Just weeks after promoting vignettes which set his partners Erick Rowan and Luke Harper “free,” the patriarch sends a statement: he’s back in business to haunt once again.

Seth may have won the match, and the ending may be a sucker. But the main event itself earned enough “This is Awesome” and “Holy Shit” chants to become one of the contenders for the match of the year. Now, I’m foreseeing another potential rivalry in the works: Ambrose vs. Wyatt.

(segue to Wyatt’s bumper; suddenly cut this piece)

Verdict: 8.8**

Overall: 7.6

Matches of the night:
1. HIAC – Amrbose vs. Rollins
2. HIAC – Orton vs. Cena
3. IC Title – Sheamus vs. Miz
**Potential match of the year

Post-script: Maybe I fin the new in ring announcing duo suck. Lilian Garcia may be a vet all right, but the newbie doesn't seem good unlike her.They need a male dude in the ring for every PPV offering like this. 

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