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Monday, January 05, 2015

The Rundown Slam: WWE TLC 2014

12/30/2014 8:43:16 PM
It was near Christmas, and the World Wrestling Entertainment pulled off their version of “Demolition Derby,” and it’s on the home of King James, the Hall of Fame of Rock and Roll, the place where the Q lives in – Cleveland, Ohio. Talk about the WWE’s Tables, Ladders, Chairs, and Stairs, or better known as TLC (TLCS term, though, sucks).

Kicking off the evening was the ladder match between Cleveland native then challenger Dolph Ziggler and then-champion Luke Harper.

The match went extreme though, albeit not to extent where it’s obvious.

Ziggler won them, and I think that will go down as one of the best ladder matches held recently, or even all-time. He’s just impressive all year long, and WWE should get the much needed push for the world title instead of Cena chasing the titlist Brock Lesnar. I hope though he will not end up the same fate as CM Punk.

The verdict: 9

The Usos seemed they notch a level up in terms of setting the pay-per-view cards. They’re up against the tag team champions Damien Mizdow and the Miz. Turns out to be a disappointing one though, not because of a disqualification result, but stunt double had a very limited time on the ring. Perhaps that’s how the story rolls then. But still, it’s a ‘thumbs down’ for me.

The verdict: 6.8

I don’t see the point of having a stairs match, nor even renaming the events as Tables, Ladders, Chairs and Stairs at all. Perhaps it was due to two huge-sized competitors squaring off in the squared circle, by the names of The Big Show and Erick Rowan.

But still, nah, I can’t help but to sip my drinks more than watching this. Or maybe I lacked appreciation skills.

The verdict: 5.4

John Cena will lose his contender ship should he lose this match against Seth Rollins.  However, is it just me, or it’s just their rivalry’s going a bit bullish? I know: John’s the ultimate face of the WWE in this generation, while Seth on the other hand is the self-proclaimed “future” of the WWE.

But it’s no joke for Cena’s part to step aside instead of going full throttle considering he’s a main event-calibrated star with both cheers and jeers under his belt.

Seth is also on that path considering the young wrestler has been on the rise since the decimation of his old paction The SHIELD.

Interferences from both sides spelled the difference on dictating the result which guy will take home the V. Big Show was on the verge of knocking the hell of Cena out, but Roman Reigns was an early Christmas gift for the WWE Universe.

And despite the numbers game overall (count the J&J security right there), it was Cena who overcame the odds, and put Rollins on the table.

Nah, the match may be a bit-okay, still, there’s a poorly written storyline regarding their rivalry though.

The verdict: 7

The Divas division had one problem: they had a deep roster, but seems few of them have that championship material.

I don’t see the point why Nikki Bella has the belt either. She’s hot all right, she got the moves, but it’s like a Daniel Bryan thing according to the Authority – a B+ player.

Plus Brie’s interference may be part of the story, but that sucked big time either. I’d better off with AJ Lee.

The verdict: 5.5

Unfortunately though, I can’t make a comment on the Chairs Match between Ryback and Kane. That may ran for almost 10 minutes, but then, I missed it due to series of breaks I had during the afternoon. I’ll look for reviewing that soon though.

So, Rusev wins again; and also, against the same familiar foe named Jack Swagger. This feud is going trashy already even before Rusev attacked Zeb Colter. The Real American may have what it takes to stop the Russian brute, but failed to utilize it the most. At the end, the rookie remains undefeated, while the former world champion suffers his third face-to-face defeat on his opponent.

That’s just disgusting.

The verdict: 5.9

Finally, The TLC match. Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt in a rivalry which first witnessed at the near-end part of the former’s Hell in a Cell match versus Seth Rollins. And seems they used everything on it, not just the literally tables, ladders and chairs alone.

Fantastic thing to revive the lost hype made by a series of busters earlier in the program, with Ambrose doing three elbow drops from the top of the ladder on the tabled Wyatt.

He could almost pull a win, until he failed to slam the monitor on Bray’s face and was instead electrocuted in the process.

Wyatt, on the other end, capitalized the mishap by slamming Dean with a Sister Abigail.

What a match, indeed, though it could only get my second best nod aside from the first card.

The verdict: 8.5

Still, the entirety of the TLC event looks diminishing as they were last year.

The overall verdict: 6.5

Author: slickmaster | ©2014 september twenty-eight productions

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