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Monday, January 12, 2015

New Year, New RAW, But A New Sucker

1/11/2015 9:55:01 PM
They say the latest episode of the World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) flagship program Monday Night Raw sucks big time.

I’ll say, maybe it does suck... 2015 times!

A lot of people from the internet wrestling community (IWC) already told me about this. Some of my social media friends (whom by the way, were smarks), have the almost-exactly-the-same sentiment.

I have yet to be convinced though.

John Cena has decided to bring back the authority out of Seth Rollins’ attempt to break Edge’s neck. Say, is this really what the creative pool mapped for? That’s dangerous considering the retired WWE superstar has legitimately leg injuries (yes, not a kayfabe thing this time around).

And to be frank, I know for a fact that the Authority will be back, but not sooner—or let’s say six weeks later; or just after they were thrown out of power at Survivor Series.

Seriously, that just sucks.

So, they were back, with the pyrotechnics we don’t usually saw on TV, and with the roster circulating the ring. And the triple threat match just ruined what could have billed as “The Final Chapter.”

That just suck right there.

The heels may have won alright, including the instant dethroning on Dolph Ziggler as the Intercontinental Champion. Wade Barrett may have done it good. But… the writers have to take things on a conspiracy theory-driven act?

Oh, come the fuck on!

I’ll say, “What an Ill-advised ending.”

The only good thing that happened on RAW — well, in favor of the anti-assholes was a disqualification by Big Show. Plus, that SPEAR!!!!

Well, Roman Reigns is still a weakling despite that segment versus the world’s largest (yet slowest as the crowd chants) athlete. But I’ve got to admire that devastating spear in the early-going part of the match. That just opened up another proverbial wall for the Roman Empire.

Well, the Ambulance match was awesome, but Bray’s mapped on the winning track? Looks like Dean Ambrose is a big time performer on the squared circle; yet the problem is that the pool was always nitpicking him on the losing track. On the flipside though, this could pave way for a road to redemption soon (just like what the NXT did to Sami Zayn).

But is their rivalry really over for that matter? I doubt it, despite the fact that they have been over-booked for the past couple of months, both on regular and special programs.

I think though, the John Cena Appreciation night was well written. And to be flamboyantly honest, this was the main event segment where no sign of any physical harm took place. That’s surprising considering the last spot of the night usually have either official fights, off- match altercations or even staredown incidents.

But this “appreciation night?” The only harshest thing occurred was when Stephanie said her trademark exclamation… “You’re fired!!!!!”

That’s it. So Cena’s team members lost their jobs; and perhaps they would betray the WWE world heavyweight contender soon when they get back.

As hopefully, the ‘creative’ team will pull off.

But then, even if there are times I would oppose the majority’s POV regards to the latest happenings in pro wrestling… I guess they’re right.

Author: slickmaster | ©2015 september twenty-eight productions

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