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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"Best Player?!"

06/16/2015 12:16:39 PM

LeBron James, in one of his early playoff stints with the Cleveland Cavaliers.
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The fact is everyone is a “best player” at their very own right. And for a 'whining' LeBron James?

I think individually-wise speaking, there's no question. Hey, it's quite hard to carry an injury-depleted team in his shoulders especially if you're at the higher stage of a basketball season like the championship.

But isn't it too early to dictate himself that way? I guess so either.

Maybe he's confident because Game 6 will be played at the Quicken Loans Arena, which barely means the WWE will have 20-21 hours to pack everything up after staging RAW there.

And to think there are '20,562 strong' patrons right there, as their shirt dictates it.

But, man, they suffered the first wrath of humiliation when the Cavaliers were held checkmates in Game 4 by the Golden State Warriors—in their house. Talk about straight-up, in-your-face blowout contest after another scoring storm surge in the fourth quarter—a period where the Western Conference champs has been dominating at all.

And after Game 5, it was another scoring burst in the final canto to dictate their second straight (and at the same time, double-digit point of margin) victory.

And yet you have the guts to be confident?

Well, LeBron is LeBron, my friends. Just like MJ is MJ, and Kobe is Kobe.

This guy, the 2004 Rookie of the Year, 8-time MVP (winning two for the All-Star, two for Finals, and four accolades for the regular season), has amassed incredible statistics (36.6 points, 12.4 rebounds, and 8.8 assists) in all five games of the 2015 NBA Finals so far.

But the problem is, is that statement worthy of a debate? Ask the late Big Dipper Wilt Chamberlain, as well as Bill Russell, John Havlicek, and even the Big O Oscar Robertson.

They were all best players on the world. No denial questions and arguments. Fair, err, best enough?

For the Cavaliers fans (and not bandwagoners), well, all can hope that Bron's words will be backed up enough. The problem with them—and not on the King—is the lineup and the coach. Mr. Blatt, you have the likes of Shawn Marion, Kendirck Perkins, and even Mike Miller on your roster. A lot of them were proved winners and big-playmakers in the playoffs. It is quite clear that rotation defines a team's fatigue as well as chemistry and translates into overall performance through scoring and defense contributions and results.

In fact, even with the victory, Golden State made adjustments, especially on defensive assignments for James; something that Andre Iguodala has been doing an exceptionally-good job.

Besides, basketball is not just a one-man team. Sure, a lot of us will raise their eyebrows on the 31-year old James. But don't blame him alone for that matter. He's doing his hardowrk in all fairness. It so happened that not at all times, patrons will expect 'superman' to deliver the goods at all times. They're all humans, too.

Want an example? Stephen Curry and his struggling times at Games 2 and 3 of this series.

See? The problem here is that we are biased people. Bet my money on this: if Stephen Curry uttered those words, we will not put our hatred on him for 7 times out of 10. Why?

Because LeBron is so mainstream. And by all means, he's more subject to criticism.

An in lieu with that, good luck with your word.

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