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Monday, July 13, 2015

The Homecomer's Ascension

7/12/2015 7:16:17 PM
I must say, Kevin Owens has picked the wrong battle this time. And a “devil’s homecoming” may sound appalling to the typical person; if you are not even a casual wrestling fan.

I haven’t seen the entirety of the WWE’s Japan special show called Beast in the East. And the only thing which caught my interest is the battle for the NXT championship.

I mean “Really? For the first time, the WWE’s developmental firm will put their title match outside their beloved Full Sail University?”

Yes, it happened. And it was an awesome to see and learn the tradition of a championship wrestling match in Japan—and more over, the world of professional wrestling right there, which is more physical compared to that of the United States (and mind you, wrestling there is ‘wrestling,’ and not ‘sports entertainment’ as the mogul Vice McMahon coins).

I must say, Owens vs. Balor was not best enough to join the top-calibrated match of John Cena-Kevin Owens. But heck, can be really considered to be part of the list for this year’s best matches. 

The only problem I am seeing here, though, is that a lot of people took witness of this gathering in Japan. But it’s just another case of the WWE Network exclusive, just like how Sheamus lost his US Title to Rusev on that program after RAW last year.

The difference in that argument is that the Beast in the East is a broadcasted ‘house’ show. A special, and was more special than those WWE tours around the world. This one’s covered due to the fact that Brock Lesnar (who, by the way, is this year’s “money-maker”) is suiting up a la PPV/TV regular programming style; plus they add the NXT title shot for an additional flava-slash-perhaps, a marketing build-up strategy.

Of course, people starting to take notice of how NXT rolls right now. Over the course of time, Triple H’s babies (and of course, of the late Dusty Rhodes) has been getting a roll of raves over his father-in-law’s regular offerings of RAW, SmackDown, PPVs, and even Main Event and Superstars. The fact that Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, Cesaro and even Neville had elevated themselves to the main roster, is already considered a sold statement: the future starts now.

Now, what lies ahead for Balor (or popularly known as Prince Devitt before entering WWE) is something I have yet to know; considering there are lot of new guys in Rhyno and Samoa Joe had already taken major crossover steps from different promotions to the WWE.

Clearly though, his win was literally a mark of the rising sun in the Western hemisphere when the show had its broadcast starting 2:30 AM US Pacific time and 5:30AM US Eastern Time.

As for Owens, I can only see him winning the US title over John Cena. And perhaps sooner or later, he will work Cesaro for another nerve-wracking-but-awesome-watching feud. And that ‘future’ is a clear path for him to explode some popup powerbombs.

Well, we hope these two—along with other superstars who already made—will not be imploded back. They’re standing fat chances to put professional wrestling in higher level.

I have to agree what wrestling Ro Moran has said last week: Michael Cole was at his best form when called the match. No other bullshits from what we used to hear from him during the airing of the typical. Vince should take some notes on how does a sports commentator should be calling plays a la blow-by-blow account. Heck, he can even recall some tapes of Jesse Ventura, Gorilla Monsoon, and even Joey Styles. 

Oh, sorry, he only needs to access his ‘on demand’ videos though.

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