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Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Rundown Slam: WWE NXT TakeOver Brooklyn

8/23/2015 9:40:26 PM
Say, the World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) developmental firm had just got better, eh? A few months after a series of NXT talents underwent a tournament o have a representative on WrestleMania 31’s Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale, NXT had taken over Brooklyn, New York as a supporting gig to what we call
ed as the SummerSlam weekend.

Watching the pre-show panel though, I loved how the way Byron Saxton and Corey Graves argue over the airwaves. That shows how should be the face and heel sides of commentary should actually roll.

Triple H opened the show and I must say he was indeed proud of the outcome. And who’s not to anyway, especially the fact that his prodigal son was now the WWE Champion in Seth Rollins. Another thing: the unveiling of another NXT invasion—the UK tour on December!

The set obviously looked like a typical WWE main programming set, but with a bigger NXT-styled screen, and not a bad thing since NXT TakeOver maintained its branding outlook that way.

Tyler Breeze opened with the awesome entrance as usual; he’s been good on opening TakeOver specials eh? But he needed to bounce back since he had 1-4 record.

Jushin Thunder Liger sounded actually new to me; perhaps the fact that I have been missing a lot in pro wrestling world—outside the WWE. I admire his entrance music which is quite fit enough for a legendary Japanese wrestler. He got an array of offense which made the Prince Pretty act the unbecoming of his title. 

And so far, his debut was impressive enough; and poor Tyler Breeze for being another opening jobber.

It’s been a while since the last time I have seen The Vaudevillains. Somehow, they look more comical this time around. Perhaps because they are now aligned as faces (or supposedly now, if I’m not correct).

And just when we thought Blake and Murphy had a female counterpart in ALexa Bliss, somebody came out for th aid of Simon Gotch and Aiden English: Blue Pants. However, I’m not wasn’t sure if that should fit the bill with the two old-school-looking wrestlers. 

It’s quite funny that “Suplex City” chants roamed over Barclays Center; something we only used to see on Brock Lesnar.

For few moments, I loved the way how these guys went very technical over each other. And the storytelling on how the Vaudevillains took those cheap shots, double team tactics, and a mini-catfight into a title switch by taking advantage of Blake and Murphy’s array of miscues. Perhaps the NXT will have its tag team divisions much deeper soon.

Apollo Crews’ debut was a not so bad thing though it wasn’t really as good as I expect either. Okay, maybe because I haven’t seen much the hype of his debut. But somehow his combo finishing move scored a perfect 10 for me (Sorry, Tye!).

It was a pleasant surprise that NXT paid its tribute to its former mentors Dusty Rhodes as general manager William Regal formally announced the launch of a tag team mentor in honor of the late American Dream.

Next came Samoa Joe and Baron Corbin; a heavyweight grudge match that supposedly aims to look bad but turned good. However, seeing Corbin’s angle for this feud was not that clear to me. I get it. He was an athlete. He’s pro, and he underestimated the other NXT talents. Or maybe the angle shown here is his frustration; and clearly that cost him his game.

Say, the Authority’s Stephanie McMahon took over the squared circle for a moment to introduce what she called the Divas Revolution, and she was indeed part of the promo for the first main event of NXT TakeOver Brooklyn—the women’s championship between Sasha Banks and Bayley; though it’s clearly a sign of the former entering the main roster by being dethroned by the latter.

Bayley’s emergence was clearly the first step. And who knows? Sooner or later at the RAW, SmackDown and WWE pay-per-view episodes, the Four Horsemen will roll together, something we last seen in a fatal-four way women’s championship at a NXT TakeOver special.

Banks’ entrance though was an evident sign, with that boss-like approach. You talk about elitism, the expedition, and the bouncers; and you know what? “Fuck, man” is all that I can say then.

The story-telling, though, was so badass enough to be called the match of the year candidate. Banks was on her bad self, while Bayley sell the bumps really well. That is how the boss works. Just like that. No wonder why she suited well in Team B.A.D.

But Bayley’s sojourn to the title during this match was good enough that she quipped herself with toughness and turned everything around. And unfortunately, though, I don’t think a heel character for her will work for her, something that most of the women’s champion had then. I am seeing the modern John Cena and Sami Zayn in her.

Setting aside the storylines, the end-match saw the end of rivalry; thus, setting a formal curtain call for the Four Horsewomen.

Honestly, there’s nothing more spectacular about the entrances anymore during the main event. Kevin Owens used to have a total blackout with his slogan only slated at the Titantron; perhaps clearly a sign that he’s already done for NXT. While Finn Balor was always awesome on his red devilish body paint, I haven’t seen much additional spectacular element, except the sudden floating of Finn clones for few times.

While battling at the other side of the arena was already a regular issue, there’s nothing more special though than having the ringside broadcast table as additional material.

Owens clearly owned this scuffle, but Balor still emerging at the end was already stating the obvious. It’s like he wanna have this ladder match as his last for the development firm as he moves up to the ladder of his WWE career. On the other hand, he made look Balor strong. Passing the torch as it seems.

However, match of the evening goes to Shasha and Bayley. The more badassdivas done them the most.

NXT TakeOver was so big that even the legendary members of New World Order, contestants of talent search Tough Enough, and other celebrities came over. You can never deny this: NXT TakeOver Brooklyn is just another step towards the emergence of a takeover at the world of professional wrestling. With the active chants, positive feedbacks from the critics and even fans, it is clear that Triple H’s project was more than just a project; but it is a new cult phenomenon.

Overall verdict: 8.6

Author: slickmaster | ©2015 september twenty-eight productions

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