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Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Scene Around: Dusk Til Dawn

08/20/2015 05:08:10 PM

It was during one Gabi Na Naman Productions gig when one of their head approached me for another invite: the anniversary party of the music blog called Vandals on the Wall.

Well, VOTW is one of the blogs I have read on from the past; even before they formally launched as Given the clue, and meeting its head curator along even weeks before, I decided to drop by with no hesitation.

This is the time where some of the bands I admire in the scene came together. It's like me pondering aside from big time events, how on earth have you put Autotelic, Farewell Fair Weather, Flying Ipis and Assembly Generals in one mix? To think that each name I mentioned here—and even the others —are considered heavyweight shit in the business right now.

Since the first time I hit a bar again, Autotelic became my instant favorite (blame my college friend for recommending this!) thanks to their danceable tunes on a rock-band ensemble.

Flying Ipis may be another all-girl rockers next to General Luna, but their punkish sound is something I dig the most. And thankfully, during #FeteIndie2015, I managed to catch them live!

Assembly Generals is a hip-hop crew comprised of four multi-genre people, with its drummer Raiumund Marasigan already an iconic guy in the recent contemporary OPM; though I admit—this one's my new favorites

Farewell Fair Weather, on the other hand, got me on their experimental sound which perhaps became one of the reasons why they are called The Jack Daniels' Chosen One for 2015.

Also, Skymarines, and Earthmover performed during the evening.

Cheers to VOTW for brining in music with taste, like these ones!

Tandems '91

Farewell Fair Weather

Flying Ipis

Assembly Generals

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