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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Flick Review: Nilalang

12/29/2015 10:19:10 AM

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Second stop in doing a review in all movies of the Metro Manila Film Festival is Nilalang, an action-suspense-horror flick starring Cesar Montano, Meg Imperial, Cholo Barretto and Maria Ozawa. 

Perhaps the latter seemed very familiar to the masculine race as the Japanese actress had done a crossover from doing adult films in Japan to a thriller here in the Philippines. All that despite a buzz somewhere before the production stage.

And somewhat, Nilalang delivered that craving for everyone who’s been looking for one; and we’re not just talking about quality alone, but bringing back the glory of doing more action movies, too. From the plot itself to technicalities, they had done it. The first minutes of the program was so impressive you would even think “Hey, is this one foreign?” especially Ozawa is at the picture?

It’s quite interesting Pedring Lopez combined two combustible elements: the contrasting world of fantasy and reality, and the antique Japanese and modern Manila setting--in just a one plot that should have been reserved for most of the superhero movies. To think he’s the writer, director and editor at all. 

It may sound like he belonged to the people whose similar to the work ethics of Jerrold Tarog (Heneral Luna) but that just shows he knows his craft very well and exerts his very best effort on it. And I mean very best because the quality of the product showed they paid dearly for it.

And it may have at least two major subplot but it’s not even that complicated to comprehend.

Frankly, Nilalang showed that along with other MMFF 2015 movies like Honor Thy Father and Walang Forever, the Philippine movie industry can do a lot better. They can make more movies which aren’t just aesthetically appealing, but also tells more sensible stories.

And mind you: even rocking music.

Verdict: 8.8

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