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Thursday, December 31, 2015


12/27/2015 4:57:24 AM

I remember: going to SaGuijo with barely less than 30 minutes before the show rolls, a taxi wanted to make a one-time flag down fare going there, and it was priced 400 pesos. I kindly refused, though on my mind utters such harsh words: Hey, I don't even spend 200 whenever I go from here to Ayala. Lakas mong manlamang ha?

But anyway, I got a more friendly (and a fair-pricey) one going there at Makati for this heck-of-a-gig-slash-Christmas Party,

Play 4 Serve and Locked Down Entertainment’s Group Study had its one last run for 2015, and it’s not a school tour this time around as SaGuijo was the place for be on that evening of Saturday, 26 December 2015. And it’s called WOWOWOWS SANTA KLAUS.

Ten bands performed during the evening on perhaps one of the wildest yearend gigs to stage by 2015. Us 2 Evil 0 graced the stage, then followed by Squid9 and Flying Ipis--with guitarist Ymi Sy making it to the venue just in the nick of time (well, after coming off from an important gathering).

Assembly Generals also hit SaGuijo despite missing the services of their MPC guy as Raymund Punzalan was attending the soon-to-be-parent duties (Congrats, Mon!). 

The next sequence featured notable names at the local music industry as Chicosci, Imago, Twisted Halo, Sandwich and Pedicab rocked the venue. 

It’s kinda nice when you hear Mayumi doing the vocal chores for what has been a signature song not just from Imago, but also from Aia De Leon too--and I’m talking about Akap. And at the same night, Raiumund sang 2 Trick Pony, Marc Abaya’s last single with the band in mid-2000s from the album Thanks to the Moon’s Gravitational Pull.

Chicosci, Sandwich, and Pedicab turned the bar into a full-house one during their sets, with the heat scorching the audience despite on a cold climate we are having right now. But I must say Pedicab and the last band Cheats tore the house down; making everyone to move with their set of tunes. Damn nice, and damn wild!

Perhaps, another addition to my wildest gigs I have been with for this year! Yeah, kinda late addition, but better be late than never though.

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