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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Flick Review: Haunted Mansion

1/10/2016 12:37:46 PM

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Regal Entertainment has been known for producing several memorable drama and horror films in the Metro Manila Film Festival. In fact, their Shake, Rattle and Roll was so notable it had like 15 editions.

But the 41st MMFF saw two horror movies (or even three, if you count Nilalang) in Buy Now, Die Later and Haunted Mansion, with the latter doing more serious than the former.

As far as meddling with the spirits is concerned, I only had a problem with this picture: it focused more on the teeny-boppy (and even bitchy) high school romantic affair. Yes, two boys falling in love with a girl who has a third eye and capable to combat the bad ones (that’s why Janella Salvador was on the protagonist role in the first place). As it seems, it just caused the film to lose its balance when it comes on taking the light and dark matters.

It can’t be discounted that for a serious horror flick, it had more gore-riffic images than the others. But perhaps we have seen enough in a lot of their kind. 

While Janice de Belen may be a serious contender for the best supporting actress award, I think some characters fell flat; barely not enough to comprehend her part. Somehow, the twist at the near-end portions gave a very untypical edge among the other same genre stories.

Verdict: 5.9

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