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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

No! No! No!!!

2/9/2016 7:44:34 PM

I first saw him at the very first show by the time I get back to the profession wrestling scene, WrestleMania 28. He was then the World Heavyweight Champion and acting as AJ Lee’s girlfriend. And after a sealed kiss, and 18 seconds, he lost his gold to the brogue kick of the Celtic Warrior named Sheamus.

And just like that, it was the shortest wrestling match I had ever seen. Holy... Oh, wait. It was Holy Tuesday evening when I watched WM28 on Studio 23, so I should shut my mouth.

Look, I am not a fan of this guy. But I can’t help but to share my sentiment (at least, a bit) upon his sudden decision to hang up sneakers and not take part of the squared circle anymore. 

Is this an angle, as The Fanboy SEO sees it? We wish. But the fact that everyone in the roster gave their short tributes to Bryan Danielson seems very serious. (Yes, kayfabe was officially stripped at this point.)

Look, I only managed to catch Daniel Bryan’s last few years with the WWE. And even if I started my not give me new religion habit of following WWE stories -- (the Authority era), it did not give me a guarantee spot that I knew everything. Heck, I didn’t even know he teamed up with Kane until I watched The SHIELD’s debut match in TLC event on 2012.

The only thing I knew about this guy is that from “Hell No,” he transformed the WWE into another landscape, and wrote another chapter for the Authority -- that is the “YES!” movement. 

All I also knew is that SummerSlam 2013 was supposed to be his highlight reel when he defeated John Cena at the evening’s main event to win the WWE championship. That until Randy Orton stole the belt from him in an instant. Somehow, looking at one side, face-vs.-face at the main event? Come on! Sure, people may hate WWE for doing a screwjob there; but looking at the bigger picture, this is just the beginning of Daniel Bryans rocky road to supremacy.

His rivalry with Orton went on for months, until thee product hit a sudden swerve -- unifying the WWE and World Heavyweight titles, and The Wyatt Family’s emergence as one of the heel factions. Bryan’s feud with Bray Wyatt worked so well, that it was perhaps an almost perfect timing to put him back at the title picture (while obviously, carrying the much-younger Wyatt over).

It appeared another botch as Batista thwarted an emerging Roman Reigns out of the way to become the winner of the 2014 Royal Rumble. Perhaps, unconsciously hitting a proverbial wall on how do they put Bryan as what he was supposed to.

But along the way, the then-upcoming turn of events became an interesting pieces of the picture on how DB got back into the frame. Certainly, it looked like the finished didn’t turned well in favor of the people at the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber; but WrestleMania XXX became his pinnacle of success. 

Imagine this guy wrestled on two matches -- and not just against two, but three guys -- in a single evening? Perhaps the timing gave both Bryan and Triple H a much needed breather, fatigue-wise speaking considering WrestleMania runs or four hours annually. 

That being said, I picked his PPV participation as my favorite Daniel Bryan moment. Imagine turning the Super Bowl of sports entertainment into his own Yes-tlemania for that fateful evening of 6 April 2014, at the 75,167-attended Mercedes Benz Superdowme in New Orleans.

However, it was quite unfortunate that his post-WM XXX era was not the fitting sequel to everything he had fought for. Sure, he won the Intercontinental championship the next year. But it’s quite obvious of a sign of aging. 

Perhaps, 16 years at the business was a very long run. And to think that this sport -- though may have its planned plot -- is still a dangerous one in anyone’s eyes. It’s no joke to jump high, do those action star-like stunts, and take massive bumps; while getting injuries along your body in the process.

Sadly, the Yes! Movement may have come to an end, but definitely it and served well in every recent wrestling fan’s memory. It left a mark to everyone whose been following WWE during those years. I don’t think Vince McMahon is to blame here. Nobody wants to get hurt but also having his show screwed. Give him a break, people.

That being said, I am raising my two pointing fingers as my salute. YES! YES! YES!

Author: slickmaster | (c) 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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