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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Finale Friday

07/29/2016 03:35:19 PM

It's a sad day for Philippine radio; perhaps another heart-breaking milestone since NU 107's sudden demise in 2010, where fans gathered outside the station's vicinity and waged a street rally in commemoration of its run lasting a legendary 17 years.

This morning, we heard Delamar Arias for the last time. She's one key element in why The Morning Rush was so successful in over two decades. No wonder why their duo with Chico Garcia earned them individual honorable distinctions and for the station Monster RX93.1 massive accolades at the Golden Dove Awards. 

Together, they were notable icons both in radio broadcasting and pop culture; with other stations trying to keep up with the competition at the morning slot (and that includes Mo Twister right there). Their exceptional on-air chemistry earned the massive raves and two books comprising compilation of their Top 10 series.

Well, she has been on-air much sparingly over the past 1 ½ years with Gino Quillamor joining them as a trio, and Bea Fabregas filling in for her shoes.

As a silent (and rarely) rusher, I was shocked with this news. I mean, who would ever thought of her leaving TMR, with the program being a staple on almost every morning radio listener out there? But as time goes by, you have to deal with other priorities in life, especially now as a family woman. 

Either way, she will definitely be missed. 

And what more so for the two-decade long Tina Ryan? The Magic 89.9 mainstay since 1994 will bade goodbye once again to the station known as Today's Best Music. Hey, I was surprised by the series of posts in Twitter since she just hosted a regular stint of Friday Madness.

Someone just actually tweeted me she will be going to a popular masa station (since apparently, she guested there last Tuesday), a speculation which she directly shunned as she will be moving just around the Paragon Plaza... and yes, it will be on the 103.5 frequency again. But this time, it's no longer the masa station WOW FM (I wonder what happened that made them fold a few years later?); it is now back to the household K-Lite – which sounds better than ever.

Well, things like these really happened. And for big-timers like Delamar and Tina Ryan, both whom can be called as legendary icons in contemporary Philippine radio? Whew, Delamar has to focus on a new life outside the radio booth, while Tina Ryan is making a step towards her career development, both of which were good.

So the only way we could say the most – is good luck to their future endeavors.

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