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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Rewind: Earth, Wind & Fire - September

09/21/2016 03:44:18 AM 

Perhaps I'm not too late to give a bit of a look-back to the pioneer of the Earth, Wind and Fire pioneers, eh? 

I quite heard this from my cousin's disco fiasco albums way back then; the era where guys like Shalamar, Chic, and even Michael Jackson has been making everyone groove to the mixture of soul-funk-rnb-and Motown pop, a mixture that defined the late 70s music.

September is one of the countless hits made by this funk-soul group, with their outlooks having the resemblances of those world music groups. Then an unreleased track, it was part of The Best of Earth, Wind and Fire Vol.1, as their celebration of being nearly-a-decade in the industry. 

Talk about a rare gem, whose supposed to be just part of a compilation-album turned into one of their epic hits. 

Since its release to the market in 1978, September received a close-to-the-pinnacle success, reaching the #1 sport in US Billboard Hot Soul Singles, #3 in the UK Singles, and ranking at least in the Top 20 music charts in 9 of the 10 countries outside US and UK. Their ranking from the 1979 yearend countdowns didn't sit well, though. 

But nonetheless, EWF garnered massive gold sale certifications from the United States, Italy and Mexico. The single also appeared in various television shows inside and outside US. Several performers including Regine Velasquez, Kylie Minogue, and Enrique Iglesias also sampled the song as part of their respective projects. Various covers and remixes were also made from 1996 onwards. 

Also, a similar version was also made by the band, just tweaking the lyrics and called as December. 

I think their second release in 1999 helped the public recognize EWF more even if the band has been critically-acclaimed by many as hall of famers in the pop music world. 

And Maurice White, together with Al McKay and Allee Willis has made this song possible. And if not for Maurice alone, we might never hear this group rocking the world. He founded Earth, Wind and Fire in 1969, aiming to incorporate the lush, ecletic style of sound inspired by the musical works under the genres funk, jazz, R&B, and Latin. Forming with him were White's brother Verdine, Sly Stone and James Brown. 

During his active participation which spanned 25 years, White has penned and produced countless songs and numerous hits; making the band one of the worldwide successful names in the 70s and beyond. And since his diagnosis with Parkinson's disease, White stopped touring with the band in 1994; however, he retained his executive control of the band. 

In 3 February 2016, White passed away at his residence in Los Angeles. He was 74. 

Rest in Peace for Maurice, and their other members beforehand. And September 21 may be a date of noir; but for others, it was a notable fiction embodied in the song September.

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  1. I must admit that I really love this track the moment I heard it. Listened in repeat for the Maker knows how many. Still listen to it when I want some funk back in my life.


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