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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

PlayBack: Rico Blanco - Wag Mong Aminin

10/07/2016 02:38:33 AM

It's raining day, you're getting emotional, and suddenly, you spotted this music video on YouTube.

Nothing but a classic product both by musician Rico Blanco and director RA Rivera. The veteran was on point from the main storytelling to its divisions – different scenes but depicting the same plotline – heartbreaks.
On a superficial level, it's funny how to take the acting of a comedy icon Ramon Bautista very seriously here. But hey, at least his cameo didn't go off-the-plot.

Wag Mong Aminin shows how the truth can be really harsh at times – and how romance could sugarcoat them to neturalize.

The blending was just so freaking well-executed; not just the song, but connecting them with the music video itself. (Like seriously, from storyboard to the cuts of performance video; those were barely on-point.)

This was perhaps the most heart-breaking music video I have ever seen since After All This Time by The Itchyworms.

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