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Saturday, October 01, 2016

The Scene Around: Sagana

09/20/2016 11:16:30 AM

After being postponed twice in over the span of almost two months, the biggest gathering of OPM artists finally took place – though in a different venue, and it all happened on a (thank goodness) calmed weather of that Saturday afternoon.

OPM High Sagana took place last Saturday, 11 September 2016, at the Estancia mall in Capitol Commons, Pasig City.

Yours truly was there for about few hours and managed to catch some of the bands I have been listened to since the time I took an active role in the music scene.

Something new for me, though, were and Kaleidoscope Eyes. And even for a few minutes, I ws stunned by how Ben & Ben music has taken the stage, with their musician friends accompanied them in this special set. Mesmerizing is the fitting word, I must say.

Other than that, I have heard some fresh materials from some bands who performed during the evening like from Brisom, Fools and Foes, and Paranoid City. I have to give an exemption to BennyBunnyBand since the boys just came from a special night of their own, and Benny is like a bunny himself. I found this hilarious when this guy just climbed the stage as if you are in a regular staircase. Talk about unleashing the spirit animal.

And at least for a while, the crowd was really into it when bands like Brisom and Jensen and The Flips were performing. The crowd was nearing closer to them.

That should done the most for this event. Despite the long overdue delay (and perhaps everything in between), the show went on. There was a sizable crowd, and I think Capitol Commons was a good alternate venue to put up shows.

Banna Harbera 
Ian Penn

Fools and Foes 

Paranoid City

Jensen and The Flips

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