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Sunday, November 13, 2016

PlayBack: At The Moment - Home (Music Video)

11/06/2016 10:24:50 PM

Barely three months might have been longer than the usual to see a music video finally got some online exposure to the public, especially at the instant gratification-driven generation of people wherein they missed the live viewing party and resort to online streaming.

But I think it was worth the wait if you're a fan of this indie garage band called At The Moment. And more evidently, their craft changed drastically. The last time I knew, their single Home was a medium-to-fast paced track. Now, it gone slower, with their first line somewhat earning a recall that only their cult followers could impersonate the most than vocalist Vince Agcaoili. ("WHAT YOU GOOOOOOTTTT, GIIIIIIIRRRRRL?")

And while doing the post-prod stuff for a quarter of the year might prompt everyone to expect high, but I dare you – don't do so. Let's face it: Francis Visco may be a skilled one in directing theater shows, but this one might have given him the baptism of fire from some missing the headroom shots while the camera were rotating around the subjects. Plus for the colorists in the last few scenes.

But I loved how the editing work had gone well and so do the most transitions between the scenes. Sometimes, flaws in technicality during the production itself could be (partially) hidden if you have good skills in video editing; and most importantly, a clear narrative; something I considered the most on why I am telling Home music video as one of the beautiful visual crafts I have ever seen this year.

Well, the mid-1900s setup somewhat gave justice to this rejuvenated track: flawed yet classically dramatic, I must say.

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