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Thursday, November 10, 2016

PlayBack: Oh, Flamingo! (EP)

09/20/2016 03:50:10 PM

Oh, Flamingo as been one of the young and exciting bands we have in the scene right now. And their participation at the Wanderland isn't just a solid proof to answer those why questions; their EP is another.

The five track record comprised of their usual songs you hear live. So that gives me an impression of hearing this is exactly the Oh, Flamingo set – done the canned version. And it was somehow good from taking the rising pace from slow-to-uptempo; and then going steady-medium at the end.

Somewhat, June was more improved in this one. I must say, lesser on its high tones when needed, while retaining the entirety of riffs and plucks in the mix. Nick Lazaro and his La Balls studio had done a great job on this.

Inconsistencies is my instant favorite, with the experimentation of the pace and intensity from the start. Somewhat, you will notice the same approach somewhere in Out. While Two Feet gave me the quirks of feeling young and preppy like this quartet. But nothing beats Reflections if you wanna just head band the shit out of this world with those solid bass lines and guitars seemingly to blend well with the drubbing of the drums.

Save this one on your birthday, folks. The flamingos are ready to fly high.

Verdict: 8.7

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