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Thursday, December 01, 2016

The Rundown Slam: NXT Take Over Toronto

12/01/2016 09:24:07 PM

Better late than never, as they say, but an NXT special just kicked off the historic Survivor Series weekend; and it just got the right blend to hit the WWE's last annual big weekend of the year with a bang.

Kicking things off with a match between Bobby Roode and Tye Dillinger, and frankly the former's entrance wasn't really that glorious. But that being said, I love how Corey Graves was an absolute ass-kisser of Bobby during the match. I think that still made the glorious one stood for most of the time. And despite the loss, the crowd inside Air Canada Centre has respect for one of their hometown guys in Tye Dillinger.

Not that excellent, but still a good way to kick off the program.

Verdict: 7

The Authors of Pain were the winners of the Dusty Rhodes tournament classic; and perhaps it came with a bit of expectation, considering Paul Ellering was suspended at the cage 13 feet above the ring. Talk about nostalgia while the battle between AOF and TM61 was ongoing.

And despite a Botchamania moment where in the chain flew off his knuckle and flew to the front row people, I think the tag team classic match paid its dues dearly.

Verdict: 7.5

But another tag team battle was a surefire to be called the best match of the evening. May be really violent by nature, but it was as beautiful as it gets. The 2-out-of-3 falls has gotten a lot of drama and exposure; much longer than any other tag team duels in the WWE with the same stipulation. They didn't rush the project and its finish. And they've got all the marbles rolling at their proper places for a title switch.

Fuck it. One of the best matches of the year, if you'll gonna ask me.

Verdict: 9.2

Well, the NXT Women's Championship match was kinda off for me. Maybe because they have time constraints or something? I don't really know. Wasn't convinced with the hype of the promotional video (I guess they really look lacking for me). And the finish wasn't really convincing for me, despite going average on the typical women's championship match. 

Okay, I get it. They want to show how monster Asuka is. While the loss has made the lack of hype in Mickie James much disappointing. Maybe they are writing the champ as a heel this time, but it doesn't really seemed as one. It may shown in one aspect, but it wasn't as full-blown as it should've been shown.

Verdict: 6.2

I guess the inevitable Samoa Joe will face another path in NXT – that is to become inevitable transition champion for quite some time. Unless that is not how writers will take the script, or not how observers will be seeing the ongoing run of WWE's developmental brand.

Him defeating Shisuke Nakamura was kinda anti-climatic, considering people seeing the King of Strong Style holding the belt for like a few months. Maybe three months will leave a mark to say the least. Or maybe I might be wrong; maybe they are aiming to pull off a Shisuke-Joe rivalry soon – after NXT Take Over: San Antonio season.

It just delivered just like their first duel. This time, the coin flipped – the challenger was able to deliver the inevitable monster side of him. But other than that? Nothing really significant.

Verdict: 8.4

For the past NXT Take Over editions, they managed to surpass people's approval. I mean, ironic that people raved for NXT Take Over more than any of those WWE big PPV gigs. But with the turnout of Survivor Series, it seems things are just going better – with WWE keeping people talking about them. The stage design obviously evolved to a RAW episodic set-up, but retaining the NXT touch in the bottom half of the entrance ramp, which I think is more glorious than Bobby Roode's entrance here.

The Verdict: 8.6

All screenshots are courtesy of WWE Network.

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