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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Rundown Slam: WWE TLC 2016

12/13/2016 10:42:47 PM

It is SmackDown's last hurrah to woo the competition for 2016 as we look forward to the Royal Rumble season afterwards. This is the World Wrestling Entertainment's (WWE) own version of what they called Demolition Derby called TLC – Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. 

While the show ran shorter than the usual PPVs, the few people involved in TLC makes me feel about one thing that lacked the roster of SmackDown Live – depth. While two of the matches lasted at least 25 minutes, the other four was sort of lacking on either length of exposure and storytelling. Tough job for the writers to do so, considering the wisdom of putting 10 people in a tag team match. Well, they weren't involved in any sort of rivalry so fuck that.

And certainly the tag team championship match appeared to be short – but this proved how the Wyatt Family has been dominating the tag team division in one way or another. Bray Wyatt plus Randy Orton winning the golds (especially it was the latter's first time to do so in the main roster) in just a bit over five minutes of wrestling match?

While the finish has put into the hands of Orton (with of course, RKO), the victory has put the entire tag team division on notice. It is clear: it was only the Usos and American who could be a heck bunch of contenders. What about the others aside from the two jabronies we know as Beauty and the Man-Beast? This could be a properly-written step-down for Heath Slater from being a comedic Cinderella into just a plan comical figure alone.

Verdict: 7.1

Nikki Bella versus Carmella was supposed to square off in a no disqualification match. Technically, all objects are available to utilize. Despite having kendo stick and fire extinguisher as the used foreign objects, the problem lies on one question: is that all, and that attack on Nikki's leg (after her neck a few months ago)? Like why we haven't even see other objects than these two – simply because it was a TLC event? Come on!

Another upside is Carmella's swerving revelation to Nikki Bella – though it looked like another fairy tale at hand. And probably that will take a run until Royal Rumble.

Verdict: 5.9

The ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship has solidified Miz as one of the best heels in the business today. No question: from the promo to the low blow and to the real finish – dedicating his win to SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan.

While Miz-Dolph feud has reached its end, it will probably appear like it's just another chapter to the champ-GM rivalry. The last thing you wanna see is DB coming out of his retirement and screw the A-lister over. But that most likely will never happen (or at least, soon) as Miz goes to a feud with Dean Ambrose for that white-and-gold title.

Solid match; barely enough to be called match of the evening, with a lot of brutal showmanship – including that figure 4 in the ladder. Ain't that a painful “holy shit” moment?

Verdict: 9.1

Kalisto and Baron Corbin has settled the score, and it was a longer match to say the least. I think it looked dragging at will due to the number of scheduled matches for the evening – plus the (again) lack of depth of the SD live roster. 

But somehow, this should fuel other developments and endeavors to both The Lone Wolf and Lucha Dragon as frankly, this story has gone too long yet too senseless (well, for most of the time). It doesn't really matter if it was another coming of a David vs. Goliath 2016 version. 

Well, it's kinda sad Kalisto has been treated this way instead of putting him as one of the perennial underdogs of WWE right now. But somewhat it's also tough to buld Baon Corbin as a force to reckon, something that Vince's writers dealt the most. 

And it shows when Baron screamed at Mauro Ranallo, right?

Verdict: 6.0

Seeing Alexa Bliss winning the SmackDown women's championship over Becky Lynch might sound a big dream come true; but certainly it gave me bits of resemblances of John Cena vs. Sheamus way back then. Long match (enough for the women's division) yet anti-climatic and not-so-dramatic finish. That powerbomb to the table outside went quick, but it speaks something about the now-champion: how her impatience worked off, to say the least.

The only problem at this point of time is how the title picture will look like aside from having Lynch as the usual (but falling down) contender. 

One thing is for sure, though: the bae brat is owning every lady in the blue brand right now.

Verdict: 8.1

Funny how the second main event turned out to be another blooper; not because of the lackluster finish, but due to wardrobe malfunction. You know, no matter how the direction and cameras go during the middle of the TLC match, it was all obvious: AJ Styles looks literally an asshole.

But so does James Ellsworth. A sudden double-cross has made a lot of twist in our minds: Why, Ellsworth, why?

Maybe the story needs to meet its end – and there's no other way to culminate it with this barbaric match. It was also a spotfest for many; considering it as the second best match of the evening. And why not? Despite the not-so-compelling storytelling (in fact, dragging), I think this is how SmackDown Lives ends 2016 (though early) with a bang and move on towards Royal Rumble in January with new written feuds waiting to be executed.

Verdict: 8.7

TLC wasn't that bad as an event; but also not a good one either. With the featured feuds being dragged for too long, I think it's better to say this was a reset button while still sitting atop of the competition wars with Monday Night RAW.

The Verdict: 7.6

Author: slickmaster | © 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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