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Saturday, April 15, 2017

PlayBack: The Return of Matt & Jeff Hardy

04/14/2017 11:57:23 PM 

This past WrestleMania has seen a lot of big-fight feel moments such as turning the videogame-inspired story upside down, a proverbial (yet disappointing upset) and its rare dramatic way of closing the show.

But this is probably one of the Manias that featured less number of legends (and we mean aside from the segment of WWE Hall of Fame class) and celebrities participated in any of the WrestleMania 33's 13 matches.

However, that doesn't stop us from seeing comebacks in the squared circle in front of 75 thousand plus people inside Citrus Bowl and millions watching around the Globe. I may have missed them way back then, but thanks (largely) to my classmates in elementary for they were watching these shiznits from USA/Jack TV/RPN-9 way back the Attitude Era.

And it was during the late 2000s when the Hardy Boyz left the WWE following their pursuits outside the popular sports entertainment promotion. And heck, they went even famous for their “broken” gimmick as different named characters (say, TNA?) that has put one of the most compelling storylines in the history of that promotion and of the recent professional wrestling.

Now that they are back home in the WWE, it is interesting to see how Jeff and Matt Hardy will roll as the seven-time RAW Tag Team Champions and with legal issues pressing between Impact and WWE.

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