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Friday, May 24, 2019

GIVE IN TO THE URGE as PWR hits 5th Wrevolution X this Sunday!

05/24/2019 08:30:15 PM

This Sunday, Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) will have its biggest event of the year. Expect a king-sized show to take place as all of the promotion's titles will be on the line, as well as rivalries staging a hottest bloody conclusion, and stars cementing their legacies.

It's time to GIVE IN TO THE URGE as the 5th edition of PWR Wrevolution X will bring a stacked card to the deck with 10 matches.

Anyone can be a contender in this over-the-top battle royale. It was a twist of turns that started from PWR Live: DESTINO and the blurs of confusion must be removed come Sunday – and we're not even talking about bragging rights for a grotesque snap here. 

Who among Brad Cruz, Bolt, The Cali Nueva, Jaye Sera, Kapitan Tutan, Vlad Sinnsyk, and Kapitan PWR, and Rederick Mahaba will take a step higher to fight the All Out War Champion? Moreover, who will also join this chaotic scuffle to challenge the winner between Dax Xaviera and Martivo?

Speaking of which, Xaviera was on the verge of keeping his AOW-rora during PWR's previous live program, until the Man Doll pulled off an improbable victory in almost impossible fashion (just 15 seconds, mga besh!). This war has inevitably evolved into an ALL OUT WARLA match – and it's taking place this Sunday at Wrevolution X.

Looks like Chino Guinto will be the lone Mr. Double Duty this Sunday as he joins James Martinez and Alexander Belmonte III against the trio of Jan Evander, The Apocalypse, and Super Vintend0. It's the clash among PWR's notable factions with another drama flavor at hand – if The Network Loses, Mr. Financially Stable must join The Endgame. Will the Golden Boy, Idol, help The Warlord prevent from doing so?

Jhemherlynn and Robynn will square off in another biggest match in Philippine women's wrestling. 

Meanwhile, SPW's Alexis Lee will be hitting the Philippine shores to challenge her long-time regional rival, Crystal. Will the Queen of Philippine Wrestling be able to bounce back this Sunday? 

A star-studded tag team match will take place involving the PWR OGs. Sandata and Main Maxx will square off Ken Warren and Chris Panzer. 

In a series of a shocking turn of events transpired during the past 2 PWR live events, pages were rewritten, rules were altered, and foes became allies. Can both the Social Media Sinister and The Motor City Angel stop the MSG's mean streak and handle Mr. Sy's another humbling defeat at the biggest show of Philippine wrestling?

Another notable singles match is set to steal the show: Jake De Leon versus Mike Madrigal, a hot-as-hell rivalry that has been going since PWR: Path Of Gold, and involving one of the pioneer members of the promotion in Bombay Suarez. It was a clash of mind games and gut feelings with a bit of urong-sulong fashion, but all are set for an Armageddon-like conclusion this coming Sunday. Will the Kupal King be able to send the Senyorito a loss and a bad-bye career ending from PWR? Or will the inaugural PWR Champion be able to bounce back with a Wrevo X win and stay alive at the hunt?

After a no-contest finish at DESTINO, new PWR co-General Manager Poch Estrada ordered a new match for the PHX Championship. This time around, current title-holder John Sebastian will clash against contenders Chino Guinto and Vlad Sinnsyk to a triple threat match. There is no more step-ladder match to contest – just the three of them inside a standard 3-way wrestling match. 

Can Vlad win his first title in PWR? Will the Wrestling Lord and Savior be able to salvage himself from a potential defeat? Or will the Golden Boy be able to reclaim a title he never lost at all?

Another triple threat-like contest is set for one fall, and it is for the PWR Tag Team Championship. Can the Naughty Boys get past their opponents and retain the tag team golds? Will the Kakaibros finally win these big ones? Or will the Naughty Boys reclaim their lost thrones? All that will happen under this BANTAY SALAKAY match.

Capping this annual extravaganza is the 2-out-of-3 falls match for the PWR Championship.

For the better part since its inception, Ralph Imabayasahi achieved astonishingly great heights and has been hailed as one of the elite personalities of PWR. This Filipino-Japanese wrestler has been part of the main event of almost every PWR LIVE show since November 2017 and has been the PWR Champion since January 2018. He retired “Ruthless” Miguel Rosales in last year's main event, and he is up for another title defense in a different foe and stipulation.

Previously known for being the star of the preshow, QUATRO emerged from the shadows by defeating a handful of opponents which includes the entire Council of Trabajadores. Since then, QUATRO made his way up and became one of the main event guys at PWR. He faced Emman The Kid late last year; and had a solid feud with Mike Madrigal on early 2019. He even came close on winning the PWR Championship against Ralph Imabayashi at one point of his career, but he managed to earn another title shot thanks to his relentless performance during the Path Of Gold match. But the road will be rocky for him this time around, as QUATRO must defeat Imabayashi in 2-out-of-3 falls match. Can the Light Bringer live to his moniker and handle the torch to usher a new era?

Catch all the action and excitement at Wrevolution X 2019, PWR's 5th-anniversary show, to be held on Sunday, 26 May 2019, at the Power Mac Center Spotlight in Circuit Makati, Makati City. Bell tolls at 2:00PM. Get your advance and discounted tickets now by sending a message to PWR's Facebook page, or e-mail them at

Ticket prices are as follows:
- Early Bird Tickets (until May 25th) - P399 for one (1) ticket
- Barkada Bundle (until May 25th) - P1,099 for three (3) tickets
- Regular Tickets (May 26th, at the venue) - P450 for one (1) ticket

Tickets are also available through, and at ticket partners Kramer Toy Warden at Shoppesville and Festival Mall, Tavern at the Crossroads in Cubao Expo, Cucina Di Paulina in 8 Seas Food Park Adventure, and Pauline’s Printing.

Follow PWR on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts; and stay up-to-date with the hype by following the official event hashtag #WrevolutionX.  

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