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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

LG stages Christmas party with Klaus and Shelter of Hope

11/26/2019 10:10:25 PM

Banking on its objective of providing a Bigger and Better Christmas for all, LG Philippines recently staged a Holiday event that highlights the various initiatives they have lined up for the holiday season, while also backing its mission of always giving back to the community.

LGEPH Product Marketing Manager Angelica Dumlao discussing the Evolution of Picture Quality and how LG has taken great strides in pushing for technological innovation. 

“We can see the advancement and the evolutionary journey of how TV resolution and picture quality have improved in the last 20 years. The evolution from analog to digital television technology was a slow process, and it wasn’t even until the mid-1990s that HDTV broadcasting began,” said Dumlao. “At that time, most HDTVs were plasma TVs, which were expensive, so HDTV adoption was slow. By the mid-2000s however, affordable 40-inch LCDs started to be sold. By the end of the decade, LCDs were outselling traditional (CRT) TVs as well as plasma TVs. Post HDTVs, companies started looking for newer technologies that could be offered to consumers. The last few years saw the arrival of curved screens, high dynamic range (HDR), smart TVs, OLED TVs, and 4K. Now with the hyper-realistic detail and picture quality of 8K available to consumers.” 

“For us in LG, Life’s about more than having the latest technology. It’s about the experiences technology creates. We are a pacesetter in the industry and we will continue to deliver consumer electronics that let you embrace life and prepare you for its greatest moments,” added Dumlao.

This year, LG bared its first gift in partnership with Netflix. The world's popular streaming service unveiled its top offering for the holidays, a 2D animation movie called Klaus. Featuring the voice of legendary actor J.K. Simmons for the title role, this new Netflix original cartoon harkens to the old Christmas shows we’ve come to know and love. Klaus is a reclusive carpenter whom Jesper discovers living alone in a cabin, where he makes his own handmade toys. Like the movies of yore, Netflix hopes that Klaus becomes a Christmas tradition that’s destined to be replayed every holiday season for the years to come.

LG also invited the Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc. (ACPI) to share their thoughts on the use of 2D animation in Klaus, how LG OLED TVs are the best platform to view it on, as well as to discuss the state of the local animation industry as a whole. Besides, the LG Philippines donated a TV unit to the organization as its early Christmas present as well as to recognize the importance of the ACPI’s role in the local industry and how their influence shapes the evolution of picture quality.

“With LG, we guarantee an unparalleled, memorable cinematic viewing experience. Through non-stop innovation, LG has been able to offer the best that technology has to offer, be it through our NanoCell or OLED TVs, or with the use of our ThinQ Artificial Intelligence,” said Inkwun Heo, LG Philippines’ Managing Director. “We want content creators such as ACP to have access to this technology so that they can pay it forward and share it with the community through their art. 

 “Working in the animation industry, innovations in technology are important to us. To be able to compete with other animators from around the world, we need to be at the top. LG’s AI-optimized picture quality that boasts leading clarity, sharpness, detail, and brightness is as advanced as you can get. This really helps us in harnessing the best of our abilities,” said  Marlyn Montano, Vice President of the ACPI.

The holiday cheers don't stop there as LG has given a community a gift as part of the #ShareTheGoodLifewithLG campaign. Specifically, the tech company has dedicated a portion of each sale of an LG product to go towards furnishing the children of Shelter of Hope. More than that, LG has committed to donating home entertainment and home appliances worth more than Php 1Million. Shelter of Hope is currently building a new home for their resident children who are cancer patients and these gifts will provide much needed Christmas cheer. 

During the event, LG, Netflix, and the members of the media, in the spirit of Klaus, also brought gifts and toys to give to the children of Shelter of Hope. Just like what Klaus says, “A true selfless act, always sparks another.”

More than just spreading good vibes for the holidays, known TV host and long-time brand ambassador James Deakin listed the eight reasons why one should but the award-winning LG OLED TVs.

Firstly, it’s the World's Best Selling OLED TV Brand for 6 consecutive years. Global sales and shipments prove that LG is, once again, the world’s best-selling brand for OLED TVs. 

Second, LG’s ThinQ technology represents the evolution of TVs. AI-optimized picture quality that boasts leading clarity, sharpness, detail, and brightness is delivered to viewers via comprehensive content and ambient light analysis. 

Third, AI Picture, AI Sound, and AI Smart technologies use the most powerful 4K processor to optimize clarity, sharpness, sound. The 2nd generation α7 Intelligent Processor recognizes the quality of the original content and optimizes clarity and sharpness. The light sensor detects ambient light and the AI automatically optimizes brightness in the image to keep a bright and sharp picture regardless of illuminance. With AI Sound, Get the best sound no matter how you have arranged your room and where you are sitting. With the technology recognizing your watching spot, you can fully enjoy the optimized sound. 

Fourth, It has an IPS panel for wide viewing angle - Wherever you sit, the IPS 4K panel’s wide viewing angle keeps you enthralled with spectacular realism—displaying almost 100% color accuracy, even from a 60-degree angle. 

Fifth, it has Dolby Atmos, providing 360-degree surround sound. 

Sixth, it has a 2-year warranty which safeguards your investment. 

Seventh, the Magic Remote makes for easy and convenient TV navigation. 

Lastly, it also has an Emergency Warning Broadcast System for nationwide alerts.

That said, everyone is encouraged to purchase and LG OLED TVs until 15 December, for part of its proceeds will be going to Shelter Of Hope. Also, each purchase comes with a raffle ticket wherein they will get a chance to win 1 of 10 LG TVs or Soundbars as well as the Grand Prize, of a 65” OLED TV. The raffle draw will be on 16 December 2019 via their official social media accounts.

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