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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Wovensound drops new single "Sickleberry Sunsets"

09/21/2020 01:02:48 PM

Known hip-hop producer Wovensound from Singapore has recently released his new single via indie label Umami Records

With its exquisite fusion of lo-fi, jazz, and hip-hop, Wovensound’s titled Sickleberry Sunsets exudes a feel-good summer road trip vibe while leaning towards a classic, stylistic lineage in terms of production and overall sound.

Speaking to the press and Umami Records, the underrated producer said the song was recorded during the lockdown period in Singapore, with no access to the studio. He collaborates extensively and roped in 4 artists from Singapore on this track, namely: rappers Ihasamic!, SHAK, Andrew Marko, and singer Raina Sum. 

“I just love how this song takes different turns throughout its different sections, with each artist bringing their own flavor to the table and bouncing off each other,” said Wovensound.

Lyrically, “Sickleberry Sunsets” doesn’t adhere to bland compromises. It’s a slickly produced hip-hop anthem that tackles two sides of a familiar persona. “In the song, there are two stories playing simultaneously: a cynic's struggle with staying optimistic as a realist, and an optimist's struggle of dealing with a loss of innocence and ignorance”, shares Wovensound. “I was in a very Nujabes mood when creating the track. The horns at the end is me paying some tribute to an artist I love dearly.”

“Sickleberry Sunsets” is the lead single of Wovensound’s 6-track debut EP Vertigos Fulfilled, which is set for release in June 2021.

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