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Friday, May 21, 2021

Ben&Ben drops new single, 'Magpahinga'

05/16/2021 10:59:18 AM

A week after releasing its first single off their upcoming sophomore album, Ben&Ben just released Magpahinga, their newest single that offer words of genuine compassion and encouragement to every person out there who might be going through a lot in these difficult times.
“It’s a song that reminds us to check up on ourselves and address our own inner struggles,” lead vocalist and guitarist Paolo Benjamin said in a statement. “But also, it is a song that aims to accompany the listener, and remind them that in those moments of hardship, they are not alone.” Without resorting to being preachy, the band’s latest offering also reminds listeners that there’s nothing to be ashamed of in taking some time to step back from the situation and heal on your own terms. 
Distributed by Sony Music Philippines, Magpahinga was written by Miguel and Paolo Benjamin, produced by JP Verona with the band, and recorded in an undisclosed location house where the band is currently staying. This remote place has a beautiful baby grand piano, which keyboardist Patricia Lasaten used as an instrument to complement the band’s introspective lyrics.

Percussionist Andrew de Pano takes pride in how everything came together beautifully to convey a sense of cinematic earnestness. 
“The piano helped give the song a nostalgic texture, magnified further by Pat’s emotional performance. The sound design elements were added in by our lead guitarist Poch, using a unique instrument called a Seaboard. These bass-and-pad sounds definitely helped widen the soundscape and set it apart from our past ‘stripped-down’ releases.” 
Here, the quiet moments filled with lovingly sparse details, take the lead, while the instrumentation speaks volumes even when it retreats inwardly, giving off that sweater-weather vibe.
“We wanted to make sure that above all else, the message of the song stands out,” lead vocalist and guitarist Miguel Benjamin added. “The piano, violin, and pads are all present to reinforce the melody and support the emotion that the lyrics hold. We hope that the listener feels the song as much as if it were their own experience.” 

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