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Monday, August 02, 2021

42 percent of people say they would set dates with 'only vaccinated people' —report

07/17/2021 02:48:37 PM

About four in ten people (42 percent, to be exact) refer to only meet with someone in person who has antibodies or a vaccine certificate. That was according to the recent report commissioned by Kaspersky with Sapio in over 18,000 respondents from several countries around the globe.

The era of self-isolation and restrictions has prompt consumers to pay more attention to their health and personal safety while dating. Oftentimes, these people became more anxious about meeting face-to-face since the start of the pandemic. They then resort to online means, and the result has more than doubled (16 to 35 percent). A growing number of people also spent more time on dating apps during this global-imposed self-isolation period.

Demands to see a potential date’s vaccination status is an obvious impact of the pandemic, however, meeting an online date in person appears to generate more concerns than just worrying about getting sick. Overall, 50% of users feel nervous or unsafe (18%) when they meet a date in person for the first time.

In order to alleviate some of these worries, the majority (72%) of those who use online dating sites and apps want to first talk by phone or video with a date before they agree to meet.
“With all the stay-at-home policies and restrictions around the world, online dating seems to play a major role in people’s lives today. Still, the transition from “online” to “offline” is a leap of faith for many: there isn’t only the healthcare situation to consider, but also more evergreen risks of meeting with a stranger. In order to continue enjoying online and offline dates in confidence, it’s important to be mindful of the data you share with your potential date — so that if you change your mind about meeting someone, you are always in control of the situation, know how much information you’ve shared about yourself, and how it can be used,” said David Jacoby, security researcher at Kaspersky.
“After all, it is the most human need to meet in person after months of isolation. Humans are social creatures, we need companionship, exchange and closeness, even physical closeness. Sure, dating apps have made it possible to connect with new people during the pandemic. Virtually. A physical encounter is something else entirely. It's about body language, smell, and touch. Only when these components come together can we really decide how we feel about that person. The pandemic has shaken us. Many things we took for granted pre-pandemic have imploded, the insecurities, especially on the level of physical contact are enormous. That's why it's a normal reaction for dating app users to play it safe – by insisting on meeting only those who take their need for security and safety seriously. Because feeling like you’re being taken seriously is an essential aspect of building a successful partnership,” commented therapist Birgitt Hölzel from the Munich practice Liebling + Schatz.
Meanwhile, Kristy Stahlberg, Head of Corporate Communications at Fun Factory, has said, “A safe tip until you want to meet someone who is fully vaccinated or has proven antibodies, is to set aside a portion of time with your sex toy and have a secure ‘video’ call with your partner. Ideally, make sure you're not recognizable in the pictures, and never let yourself be pushed into something that makes you uncomfortable. On the other hand, don't go too far. Your counterpart might find overly provocative poses offensive. In short, you might have missed the point. Instead, play with indirect image details that promise more than they show.”
That said, to help you keep your personal data private while dating online, Kaspersky recommends the following:
  • Share photos that don’t give away information such as your address or employer, for example. Instead use photos from trips or landmarks, with no personal data or other people shown.
  • Use the built-in messenger function of dating platforms instead of sharing your phone number or other messaging apps. If you decide to move to another messenger, don’t forget to set it up to keep your data private and secure.
  • Use an effective security solution that offers advanced protection across multiple devices. Kaspersky Security Cloud can help manage your apps and remove permissions where this is not necessary.
To make offline dating safe and enjoyable, you can follow simple tips, recommended by therapist Stefan Ruzas from the Munich practice Liebling + Schatz:
  • Always meet in public the first few times, whether it's at a restaurant, going for a walk or to the movies.
  • Give someone you trust all the details of your meeting – when, where, and who 
  • Do not meet near to where you live. This way you cannot be followed
  • Also, do not share your address straight away.
  • If you have an uneasy feeling about a person, end the date. You are not obliged to do anything.
  • Trust your instincts and do not be unnecessarily trusting.
Kristy Stahlberg, Head of Corporate Communications at Fun Factory, also suggested the following advice, “How about trying a little variation on the classic game “Truth or Dare”? Flirt or Dare are the magic words. We know that this also works wonderfully on a video date. Simply take a coin, let heads or tails decide and then let things run free. There is more about this in the booklets that come with our sex toys!”
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