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Monday, November 22, 2021

Ace Banzuelo unleashes the fun, dancing P-pop side of him in new song 'Alive'

11/13/2021 12:55:45 PM

Ace Banzuelo, known for his stream-heavy emotionally pop tunes Malayo and Himala, has recently shifted gears with the music video of his latest song Alive.

Confidently grooving to the retro-modern vibe of the track, Ace sheds his reclusive persona for a contemporary pop star character who knows how to charm the dance floor effortlessly.

Released under Sony Music Philippines, Ace Banzuelo unleashed a side of him that has never seen or heard before: a big ball of energy with an abundance of infectious hooks and melodic pop smarts, and a P-Pop sensation capable of delivering adorable moments on screen.

The music video has uncovered a fascination with bright, velvety colors and attention-grabbing visual designs, thanks to the direction of budding director and 3D artist Reika, choreography by one of the Philippine All Star’s founders Lerma Diaz, and the art direction by Ace himself. 

For the alt-pop wunderkind, the filming was exceptionally fun with a lot of young creatives having that fire in them, translating his vision into a game-changing end product.
“We are going for heavier aesthetics that go well with my dream and vision for the dance song. I want it to be presented as the happiest song we deserve right now. I’m confident that we’ve delivered that in the music video as well.”
Written and produced by Ace himself, “Alive” is in itself, a refreshing diversion from his previous releases. The song has showcased the elemetns that make up for shinier, more club-oriented electronic pop music with resemblances of K-Pop, early 2000s bubblegum pop, hip-hop, funk and ‘70s disco. 

“The brand-new song is a disco pop dance track that builds up to the reminiscence of the classic Manila Sound groove and bilingualism,” Ace added. “The production is a mix of modern and retro textures, funky guitar fills, synthesizers, horns—and yes, disco elements. I also produced it with so many vocal layers to achieve this crowd effect of call-and-response for the pre-chorus and other parts as well. I also added a rap verse in my approach of arranging the song.”

Different from his usual works, Ace penned the disco-influenced dancey bop song overnight somewhere in early January 2021. 
“All I’m trying to achieve is actually expressing my true self and what I really want to do,” the promising hitmaker shared. “Yes, I write ballads, love songs, and will still release love songs but I do feel like sticking to the ballad formula to succeed in the local scene can be put aside for now.”

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