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Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Newsletter: Halik Ni Gringo reflects on social deprivation and paranoia with pandemic-themed single “HOME ALONE”

01/26/2022 04:52:00 AM

Author's Note: Following the band's previous release last year, Halik Ni Gringo is back with a new song, and it depicts social deprivation and paranoia during the pandemic. Check out the press release below as the alt-metal band showcases the song, Home Alone, and the back story within. 

Alternative metal outfit Halik Ni Gringo explores themes of social deprivation and paranoia during the pandemic on their comeback single “HOME ALONE”—the band’s first release since 2021’s “Injustice For All.”

Written as a response to the challenges that people go through with the surge in COVID infections brought about by the latest Omicron variant, “HOME ALONE” documents a life of new normal with hardly any contact with your friends, family, and the people you normally interact with. 

"It's 2022 but it still feels like 2020," says frontman Joey Santos. "We've made huge strides as regards medicine and treating COVID, but progress in The Philippines continues to lag behind our Asian neighbors. The lyrics came quick - I felt like they've been swimming in my head the whole time under lockdown. All I needed to do was fish them out and put pen to paper." 

Given how Halik Ni Gringo operates as a creative force, “HOME ALONE” was conceived with members of the band writing and recording apart, while refining the final product remotely without taking away each other’s commitments. As Joey puts it, “It’s a double-edged sword: It’s why it takes us so long to put out music, but it’s also why we’re still a band now.”

“Home Alone” is produced by DJ Joey Santos, and was written and arranged by Joaquin Acosta and DJ Joey Santos. It's mixed and mastered by DJ Joey Santos at Love One Another Sound Production.

Production-wise, “HOME ALONE” distills the familiar ‘Gringo’ sound in a contemporary rock and metal setting, with drums and bass synthesized to create a brooding, dystopian mood. In terms of storytelling, Joey aims for a more confessional approach, inspired by acclaimed singer-songwriters Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker and Snail Mail.

“I’ve always admired the way they write lyrics, so I wanted to create a similar feel for the words,” Joey shares. “They almost read like journal entries at times. I wanted to channel some of that, and it’s most apparent in the pre-chorus, The voices in my head are starting again now; who do I listen to when I can’t even start to hear myself think.”

The track serves as a preview of the group’s upcoming 2022 full-length album under floppydisks which includes previous singles Injustice “For All” and “Mr Big Data.” As with past releases, the LP is still a part of the group's ongoing #2stDebutAlbum effort - now on its 5th year, having started back in 2017. 

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