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Thursday, February 09, 2023

PlayBack: Crazy As Pinoy - Panaginip (Two decades later)

02/09/2023 02:11:11 PM

It's noontime in early 2000s. You are watching Eat Bulaga, the Philippines' long-standing variety show which serves a chopseuy of sorts – from beauty contests Little Miss Philippines to Tee Vee Babe plus Mr. Pogi; from a gut-wrenching fate of Laban O Bawi to an all-gagged up Bulagaan; from just fanboying to the triumvirate of Tito, Vic, and Joey, to its bunch of supporting co-hosts plus being titillated with the emerging Sexbomb Girls.

Of course, music isn't spared from the package. When they don't have live performances from soloists and visiting bands, they have rap music that has been spearheaded by the late legendary Francis Magalona. Yes, give heavenly thanks to the Master Rapper, for there won't be Rap Public in the Philippines if it wasn't for him.

We can probably pry on how this TV segment has propelled the careers of Stick Figgas to the stratosphere for the better part of the decade. But make no mistake about this: there are more groups such as 3Yo Dorobo, Kamandag ng Marikina, and Yoza Clan which proved that they were the real deal. One of them is Crazy as Pinoy, a trio once known as Triangulo, who also won the ears of the masses through this song.

There's nothing really need to say here in a much critical level. Come on; like most of the songs, Panaginip is just another head-over-heel dreamy romantic song. But suffice to say, hey, made it big anyway. At some point, TV watchers and rap lovers were digging the song, quite enough to become the champion of the said rap music competition two decades ago.

So it's no surprise that even in 2023, their Wishclusive performance spawned millions of views because a lot of us have this never-ending craving for nostalgia. They STILL have it; and honestly, this version showed evolution to some extent with the blending of their respective vocals like an aging wine. They spit their words like crystal clear but with emphasis. Hey, we can only have our own Bizarro world and wish we hear this specific record in wherever we stream our songs because Sisa sang this song tremendously well; and Crispin and Bassilyo didn't need all the explicit words to unleash the emotions with such prowess.

My goodness: talk about turning back the clock and rapping as if they're bunch of youngsters from Marikina in 2002. And so much for our throwback Thursday.

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