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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Playback: OST — Guardians of the Galaxy

8/26/2014 9:50:45 PM

Like I said before, one of the huge factors that definitely catches my attention when it comes on watching movies was their soundtrack. It’s more plus points (since pogi, from an alpha male omega guy’s point of view, sounds gay), if it sounds nostalgic. Why? Because the film, by just making prejudice assumptions, has a series of flashback devices used (‘throwback’ is not the better term, sorry folks!). Plus the fact, that old school music still rocks more than the newbie ones.

It was this track that caught our attention. It was the song that played mostly on their track. Moreover, it was during the scene where some wardenish creature grabbed Starlord’s prized Walkman and listened on it.

Blue Swede was the name of the artist. It's a 1974 track titled “Hooked On A Feeling.” I think the song title spoke itself when it comes to the movie’s marketing strategies. ‘Cause the mere fact we entered the theatres and GotG was already playing in the widescreen, it was indeed Hooked On A Feeling!

Originally written by Mike James in 1968, and Blue Swede, on making its cover, just add some “hooga chaka” flavour (apparently it was their own version of King’s introduction). Ironically, though, both versions appeared on the same length of recording at 2:48 (two minutes and forty-eight seconds). And there’s a difference when it comes to the lyrics, actually.

Though the next tracks that I’m gonna tell you here, are the songs which played at some parts of the movie which I can’t recall much (unless I can muster another few hundred bucks to watch the Guardians again), like this one: Go All The Way (pardon, I’m basing the order on those clips containing the entire soundtrack list, which I also believe, was the formal listing on their both digital files and hard-bound compact discs; how I wish I could buy the cassette version though).

It was The Raspberries’ 1972 single, aside from Don’t Want To Say Goodbye and I Wanna Be With You. And if you’re quite clueless, Eric Carmen, who popularized All By Myself in 1975, was the frontman of this band. The twist about this song, though, is that BBC banned this song for being “sexually suggestive.” It was also used in the movie Almost Famous.

Unknown to me was the so-called Spirit in The Sky. Norman Greenbaum originally made this psychedelic gospel rock in 1969, rocked the US Billboard charts in 1970 by staying for 15 weeks on the Top 100 countdown. Docotr and the Medics and Gareth Gates also made their respective covers and was part of the video game Rock Band 2 and the movie 2001 A Space Odessey.

And, yes, this track appeared on the GoTG’s second trailer, however, wasn’t heard on any part of the motion picture though.

David Bowie and Arnold Corns performed the art/glam rock Moonage Daydream in 1971, and in case you remember the scene where the protagonists arrived to Knowehere, then you might heard this song at all. This track also became part of the soundtracks for movies Sonny, School Of Rock, and Little White Lies. And another info: Moonage Daydream was part of the title of Bowie’s 2002 book published by Genesis Publications.

Perhaps, you might heard Fooled Around And Fell In Love during that random scene between Peter Quill and Gamora. Elvis Bishop sang and released two versions (album and single) in 1975. Aside from the Guardians, this record was also featured in the movies Boogie Nights, Invincible, Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay, and recently, Lovelace. I’ve got to admire the riff on the instrumental part though.

Perhaps if you are a Grand Theft Auto gamer, you might heard I’m Not In Love, a 10cc song, in Vice City Stories. The soft-rock, with some slow-tempo and bossa nova beats, was written by Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman. No wonder, why at first it sounded weird, huh? It was a mixed fusion, in fact, with the addition of walled-up voices. But hey, that earned them an Ivor Novello Award in 1975. Talk about finest creativity during their era, huh? Plus, I’m Not In Love was also played at the moive Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.

Of course, of all the Guardian’s roster of soundtracks, Jackson 5’s epic track was the most heavyweight on paper. Why, ‘cause there’s Michael Jackson, plain and simple. The young kid-later-known as King of Pop’s vocal was so high-pitched; it turned out to be another part of the Motown pioneers.

Need to say more? Okay, aside from this song marked as Jackson ‘s formal debut to the world music scene in 1969, it rocked the UK Singles Chart and the US Billboard charts during 1970-2009. Twist is that I Want You Back was like a response song to Diana Ross and Gladys Knight & The Pips’ "I Wanna Be Free." I do believe though that aside from Guardians and the Galaxy, this song was played on more movies and programs around the world. Include that Dancing Groot there!

You might remember how Peter Quill traveled to get the Orb at the start of the movie, with Redbone’s Come and Get Your Love playing on the background. Yes, they rolled along with the film opening credits (and believe me, folks; the segment’s best viewed on iMAX). It made me feel relaxed along the way. And to be honest, I also had a good case of Last Song Syndrome on this one.

Redbone member Lolly Vegas originally written this 1974 hit and him along with his brother Pat, produced the track.  It reached the fifth top spot at Billboard 100 that year.

The Runaways had their self-titled album in 1976, and Cherrybomb was their signature song, solidifying themselves as the punk-influenced hard rock. It was also head on HBO’s True Blood episode in 2012. And their band members had their own respective cover versions since their ’76 record.

When I heard Escape, I though the title was Piña Colada song. Turns out, I was partly-right. “Escape,” the very last number one song in the 70s, was Rupert Holmes’ lead single from the album Partners in Crime released in September 1979.  The track rocked the charts alongside KC and the Sunshine Band’s "Please Don’t Go," Styx’s "Babe," and Michael Jackson’s "Rock With You."

No wonder why this song reminded me of the old 24K weekend, a throwback music special program on the now-defunct 99.5 RT, huh? And I remember this song played when Starlord grabbed his Walkman back from that warden-ish dude, knocked the guy’s ass off, and escaped from their prison on his way to his spaceship. Escape was also played in Mars Attacks, The Sweetest Thing, Grown Ups, and Shrek.

Perhaps on the entire soundtack, this is the weirdest track I ever listened. Or maybe I have to listen to them more than what I did on Redbone’s, Jackson 5’s, Rupert Holmes’ and Blue Swede’s. O-O-H Child was a Chicago Soul (I never knew there's such genre like this!) track by Five Stairsteps. And like Runaways’ O-O-H Child was their signature song. And artists like Kelly Rowland, Hall and Oates, and a lot more have their own renditions.

And as I am finishing this post, I realized “Yes! This was the weirdest song I ever head on the Guardians of the Galaxy.” Why? Try recalling the scene where Quill attempted to distract Ronan the Accuser’s plan to perish the crew, and the entire galaxy as well. I guess, that weirdness worked for StarLord.

At first, I am wondering who really originated this song? Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. If you’ll do your research to the likes of Wikipedia, Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terell was the best answer. Released in 1967, this rhythm and blues-slash-soul record was written Nickolas Ashford and Valerie Simpson in 1966 intended for Tamla Motown label.

And sorry to tell you folks, Supremes frontwoman Diana Ross wasn’t the originator of this epic late 60s and early 70’s hit. Forget her milestone as Ross’ first solo chart-topper in Billboard Hot 100 and Grammy award. Say, the duet’s version sounded best, especially at the closing credits.

(Info credits: Wikipedia)

Author: slickmaster | ©2014 september twenty-eight productions


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