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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Shot. The Second Time Around.

05/24/2009 12:58 PM

When you talk about "the shot," the place could be anywhere. But even more on emphasizing, it was at the homecourt of the Cleveland Cavaliers. And if you yammer about the only one who made it famous, I guess you already know the answer....

Yes, it was Chicago Bulls' Michael Jordan. When he made that during (circa) May 1989. you could even be jumping out of your couch to see that falling -- unless you are a cavs fan. 

Times have changed. I have seen so many many buzzer-beaters this season. There's a Brandon Roy-made 35 footer trey that made his team steal the W at their home court against the Rockets; there's also a TP's (Tony Parker) tear drop that seals their game against the 76ers, 

The usual Ray Allen (and i call it a "killer") when he made shots in trey whether he was in Seattle or in Boston. (For real, he's a damn freaky shooter that could seal the deal anywhere inches behind the three point line, and yes, he can changed the results the way he wanted it when he knocked it down.)

Rashard Lewis also had its own share, knocking the Sixers again and away from their home. However, Andre Iguadola had done that as part of their "revenge" against the Orlando Magic in game 1 of their series.

There's also Hedo Turkoglu, like the way he'd done that against the Celtics in early 2008 in Amway Arena. And the next time around you will witness the similar bucket and utter "Damn! hHe'd done that again in a different place; At the Rose Garden in Portland, oregon, and even during the game 4 of the series against Philadelphia. 

Hey speaking of which, why most of  the game winning shots were aimed against the Sixers? Do they hate them or what? 

And who can forget that guy named Devin Harris? He sped up to the halfcourt with the ball, and threw it all away from around 47 or 45 feet to knock out the 76ers. Damn! That was heck of a close game.

VC's (Vince Carter) 40-footer against the Hawks also sealed their win in OT; but had a lesser impact to anyone except if you're a Nets fan. Same with 'Melo, whom could always have knock down shots with the clock stiking down. There's also Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Iverson in Detroit, (who looked like he only made only 1 in so-many games), the young Kevin Durant, and that LBJ's jumper in Oakland that gave Cavs a win. And that was his first game-winner using the usual weapon -- the jump shot. 

However, when he made his only 3-pointer in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Magic, the 20,000+ fans inside the Q was pumped up as the home team won the game and saved themselves from a potential disappointing 0-2 deficit. 

So it seems this time around, LebBon hit it big time, right time and (yes!) at an even higher level. 

No wonder that's one of the reasons why in NBA, the amazing things happen.

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