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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Few To Go...

04/01/2009 09:55 AM

So it seems to me, the Cleveland Cavaliers have a best chance to win it all, eh? 

Though even being a fan of  the team, I don't think it will be an easy way  to win the big C-H-A-M-P-ionship in their hands. 

First, even Boston lost to them on being with the best record in the Eastern Conference; and it would mean like going "under the radar" and beating them instead in the East Finals. 

Lakers, on the other hand, showed struggled on the road, after losing at the to the Atlanta Hawks; and recently, to the hopeful playoff surge, the Charlotte Bobcats. 

Incredibly enough; They also handed one of Kobe's big-time losses seasons ago, despite scoring 58-ish points. 

Well, unless they faced a team whom defeated them for more than twice would send another potential upset to LeBron James and company, like they way it happened to Dirk Nowitzki-led Dallas Mavericks. 

They made a lot of noise two season ago, only to succumb to their former mentor's current team Golden State Warriors in 6 games. 

Speaking of Mavs, where the hell are they? After making to the big dance three years ago, they had their ego barely damaged. Bit by bit. After that phenomenal upset in '07, they again lost to another first-time-since-joining-the-group of elite teams in the Western Conference called New Orleans Hornets led by (whom? but nonetheless) Chris Paul! 

And now, they would suffer the same fate as the Denver Nuggets, a team that are currently suffering the similar fate in the so-called "second season of the same year". Sure, they made it to the pro-version of the sweet 16 since Melo joined 'em and turned away from the disastrous season of 02-03. However they would always bow out of contention at the first round, something they had in common with Tracy McGrady (unless T-Mac would prove us wrong this season) 

Okay, speaking of, it should serve a start for him to win games at the next level; and not just their 22-0 run they had in January-March '08. Hey, that could be an equivalent to 16 games of sweeping the playoffs + 6 games of whichever extra (regular or pre-regular games of the next season).

Perhaps, this is something to ponder on as we get closer to the National Basketball Association playoffs. Do stand by for more in this blog. Peace!

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