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Friday, June 24, 2011

Finals beat

Finals beat
By n.d. a.k.a. nestor / slick master
09:47 a.m.

I used to remember taking to the dean Quinito Henson through Facebook regarding what are his insights about the 2011 National basketball Association Finals match-up between the Miami Heat and the Eventual Champion Dallas Mavericks.

The Miami Heat had been somehow part of the NBA’s spotlight for most of the time the previous season after luring superstars LeBron James and Chris Bosh to their team. With perhaps the media-hype out of the three was James, whom had aired his decision to move out of Cleveland to Join his friend Dwyane Wade in the South Florida beach on the television channel ESPN. And thus, it led to major disappointment of his former franchise, whom apparently GM Danny ferry had cursed out that they may grab the championship first before LeBron does. Despite consistency on the team’s performances, the Heat still made it to the playoffs and winning over their perennial opponents by surprise.

On the other hand, the Dallas Mavericks had been performing really good in the regular season only to ran out of luck in the postseason party. Labeled as choker since their first face-off in 2006, Dirk Nowitzki shrugged off the criticism despite his team being an inconsistent on its runs on the late April. And it paid off after upsetting the three-peat seeking Los Angeles Lakers, and pulling off improbable comeback games against Oklahoma City Thunder. Now they are also a surprise team in the playoffs either.

The series went underway and Lebron and Wade combined forces to take Game 1 at home, 92-84. Then Dallas pulled off another comeback game thanks to 24 points by Dirk Nowitzki, hitting the last 9 points for the Mavs and that includes the game-winning bucket with almost 3 seconds to go. Result? The visitors, 95 and the home team, 93.

Series shifted then to Texas, and both team went toe-to-toe down the stretch but like Game 2, Miami still has control of the game but Dallas again staged its own run and Chris bosh whom had been way down for most of the game, nails the clincher basket with less than 40 seconds remaining. Dirk on the other hand, misses the jumper that could have sent the game into overtime and Miami heat hold on to take step #2, 88-86. however, game 4 went Dallas’ way in another bunch of déjà vu and winning this time, by 3 points, 86-83. James’ had lost his 4th quarter plays thru the defensive clamps that the Mavericks placed on him. And Tyson Chandler, despite getting hit dunk rejected by the Flash, had shown some hustle with 16 rebounds under his name.

Game 5 came and still LeBron had barely lost his aggressiveness to the rim. That may be the main factor aside from Wade hitting the wall early in that game. But somehow, Dwayne Wade still carried the team back until Jason Kidd hits the clutch shot and also Jason terry joining the party with the rainbow dagger over the King. Dirk remained the best player as Dallas took a step closer to the title, 112-103.

Game 6 was set at the South Florida beach, but the hungry guys from Texas however completed its redemption when Dallas took a run in the second quarter and got that back again in the second half. Perhaps the Udonis Haslem and DeShawn Stevenson clash during the timeout really spelled the difference as Miami had quickly lost its momentum after Eddie House hit the trey that leads to a Dallas Timeout then. Jason Terry paced the Mavs hitting near-perfect on field goal percentage. And the Dallas Mavericks was crowned NBA Champions to the tune of 95-85 at Miami’s home floor. Suddenly, Miami’s big run ended up on a three-game losing streak. And critics blame the usual suspect fro them, LeBron James for having 4th quarter meltdowns in almost all of its 6 games of this final series.

Now, the main factors for the Dallas why did they won that NBA title? I don’t know. Maybe the bench. They had a lot of players capable of scoring and playmaking. Forget Caron Butler’s injury, that may helped out the most for Dallas but they had won that even without him on the playing court and just on the bench. They got a deeper bench.

Next, teamwork. Similar to Kevin Garnett’s ad. Basketball is Brotherhood. They shared a lot. Miami had done the same, but let’s face it. Individually speaking on the Heat, Wade and James shared the rock to their teammates. However, they ended up holding it out later either. Unlike to these guys, everyone’s contributing.

Lastly, maybe. Killer instinct. These guys have it. And maybe critics will tell that LeBron doesn’t have it. Despite being down for most of their games, the Mavs had staged its own run as if like they’re even leading throughout the game. And Miami had shown theirs last game 3, but to no avail at the next few.

Dirk’s offense follows even if as he’s struggling. Jason terry was there to backed him up, so was Jason Kidd, Tyson Chandler, Shawn Marion, DeShawn Stevenson and even Jose Juan Barea. And they deserve to be crowned for such. As for Miami Heat, as the most scrutinized team for the season, they had shown what they are really capable of, and they can get better by next season. Watch out if once they made another run.

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Just my opinion: Divorce bill.

Just my opinion: Divorce bill.
Author: n.d. a.k.a. nestor / slick master
08:06 p.m.

Malta was the last country so far who had expressed their favor in divorce. And by the way, divorce is a legal means for a married couple wanting a formal separation which also includes dissolving of their marital rites on both church and civil ways.

Now, there are only 2 countries in the world that doesn’t recognize: The Republic of the Philippines and Vatican City.

Apparently, A congresswoman have proposed a bill regarding divorce, “Pinoy style.” While the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) expressed their positive sentiment in the said issue. Leaving RP as the only country (aside from Vatican) without the divorce bill on their system can be considered an achievement on their part as the Church strongly keeps its firm and core values as a dominant sectarian religious group in the country.

Let’s trace back first. According to the blog site, a lot of bills related to divorce were proposed such as Liza Masa of Gabriela filed a divorce bill in 2005.

6 years later, Masa and her colleague Luzviminda Ilagan filled House Bill 3461, which again introduces divorce to the Filipino society.

This was made due to skyrocketing number of cases filed by couples aiming for annulment/legal separation. And of course, the main reason was the infidelity of one part to his/her partner. One may tend become the so-called “battered wife” (or husband) after some years of their relationship only to went out to naught. Sad fact as it seems, but definitely that’s the hardest part when you deal with the truth of the conflicts. If you need a proof of its statistics, YouTube is always available for its videos so are the news archives posted over the internet. Do your research.

For me, it’s either of two things: we opted to pass it out or don’t go with the flow yet. Malta had made it through the referendum. Unless we stand against the Church which was barely hard to beat out considering that they were a big part of our culture. However, other countries had stood up against their religious beliefs only to win out and create a law that embodies their own respective societies. But despite having a large number of cases filing for divorce everyday, we may think that it may not be our time to join the divorce bandwagon either.

It can only be a matter of sticking to our beliefs or make a new move for a better change.

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