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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Memories Of An Old Summer Love

05/13/2012; 07:30 a.m.

March 31, 2007. It was then a sunny Saturday afternoon, just 2 days after my high school graduation. A kind of feeling that says “Yes! I’ve finally get over the hump.” Well, at least, for a while I did. My parents set us up a graduation party at our other place in Bulacan because 3 of us 4 siblings did already graduated from a certain level of schooling (with the eldest finishing Tourism course in college, me on high school, and the youngest at pre-school). But out of all the guests that my parents invited to come, there’s this certain girl whom made me felt something better for the first time in my life. I even thought that I could be infatuated then since relationships started from that aspect anyway (even if at some cases, things ended up making love at his or her bed). Yes, I’ve fallen in love.

She’s Angela, a then-16 year old high school graduate from one of the public schools at my hometown Marikina City. She then resides at one of the villages located at Antipolo City. And at that time, she’s just recovering from a bitter end of her past relationship. Never would I noticed her until one time I was just shooting around at the basketball court and her cousin whose also a female, challenged me to a contest. 2 versus 1. Well, just because I was just badly hit on her, I intentionally lost the game. At those times, I have to admit, I don’t have much guts to face her and talk about something else that can really get the distance even closer between us. All I can do is a bit of a stalker mode then. And who in the world would do make moves to a girl in his own house with a bit of indecent looks? Other than I do. Screw the hell. Ha ha ha!

I have to catch an afternoon trip way back to Manila because I have to attend my graduation ball (even if I did not even want to go to) and fat chance for me then. Me and my cousin managed to hitch with her family back to the city. I can hardly remember that I once told this in a conversation, “I don’t text.” But that changed anyway after I got her number and she got mine, too. I attended the event only to realize that I should’ve met her earlier than that day. Damn, almost a lonely night.

From that point, I started texting her and I even treat her with a bunch of cellphone load. From time-to-time it's her and her text messages in my inbox and sent items.

A few days later, I started texting her even if I’m using a different network from hers. And I managed to meet her at a mall nearby her residence and have a gift that I intentionally spent for her. It was a photograph taken from my cellular phone which displayed the two of us smiling. At the back of it has an “I Love You” note written by yours truly. i haven’t really want to present it yet until I have a no choice to do so because her cousin follows and meddling with us. Silly move as it seems. Ha, ha, ha!

The next coming dates were the times when I was spending afternoons and evenings with her on her home. Well, with her family, of course. Though there are times where things went like this: Went to watch a summer basketball game at their village, walking around the vicinity, met her friends, just taking photographs of us… but I guess the memorable of them all was when we play and bet each other in a one-on-one game. Whoever wins between the two of us will do a “favor,” and it is a special one. I won over her, and I have to kiss her. But it turned out the other way around as I left for home, she kissed me on the cheek and it was like “what a feeling,” man. It’s like having a high spirit in me as I walk on the street on my way home with that big smile on my face. Damn!

The courtship lasted even if I was already enrolled for college and I still managed to meet up with her despite of being busy at our very own respective tasks at school.

However, despite everything, she got back from her ex, something that had been telling me a few weeks back then. I can’t really recall what my take is then, but I hardly begged not to do so.

It was after 3 months.... and the result? “Basted.” I know, I know. It's tough to realize that everything turned to be a summer fling-like romance. But no, I won't deny that I loved her even if it's not a typical romantic relationship and it turned out that an angel had broke my heart, and it was my first time either. It took me a while, like a few weeks, to forget everything and move on. All I know is that she’s in Canada right now and having a good life. As for me, I may never waited for her to come back anymore. But after that mutual understanding, I never had a relationship close to that level of even the serious one. And I know, I was more known for being an anti-romantic person. (Wait a second. I stand corrected: “anti-over-romantic,” ok?) But it doesn’t mean that I will close my door for love. After all, it’s like internet: it has a wide range of possibilities.

author: slick master | © 2012 september twenty-eight productions

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