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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Playback: Loonie – Tao Lang

05/29/2012 10:24 AM

Honestly, I don’t know why the hell I am making another review. From rap battles to a movie and now to one of the songs that I am having a so-called Last Song Syndrome. And maybe I’m jumping the hip-hop bandwagon after this song had struck into my mind for some time lately. Well, who cares anyway? I used to dig rap since childhood.

Loonie came up with a new album after huge hits in his FlipTop battle videos turned him from an underrated star into a perennial battle master with undefeated on his individual record, and still competing with another legit star Abra on dos por dos tournament. And one of its tracks that caught my attention is “Tao Lang.”
Well, forgive me for raping the playback button after hearing this track which he has collaboration with RnB star Quest entitled Tao Lang for the first time when I was browsing around YouTube lately.

Second single after “From Saudi with Love” featuring AJKA’s female vocalist, Tao Lang speaks different. Maybe that is the type of the song that I wanted to hear for most of the time. Something that tackles human nature and the story behind, err, something that can motivate me to do something (nah, maybe the same title of Michael Jackson or Kyla track but I’m more pertaining to the meaning).

So, I took the free download off the website and tried listening to sometime.
Each stanza has its own different story. 

First verse is something about his career. When people recognizes Loonie, he should do rapping, giving away his cap. Nobody really knows how hard it is to be a legit hip-hopper until he told one of his stories there.

Second stanza is something that can uplift one. He tells everyone that he should not afraid to take risks and learn from it. Mistakes are part of everyone of us. Let’s face it.

Last thing, well, all circumstances that one may face. Human nature as a whole, in short. Emotions, failures, rising up, you named them. I mean, everything happens. You’re on the upside at one point, and the next time around you are there down below. The verse illustrated everything.

Chorus. It cries for something. Begging to brag that we’re still human after all, even if mistakes is part of it. “Pasensya na, tao lang” speaks the most for it.

Well, overall, I can’t really tell. I’m gonna be subjective at this point. I recommend that every perfectionist should listen to this. Try not to look too high to everyone out there. Not everyone of us can be as great as what you should expect, but at least be humane in what you are doing in life.

AUTHOR: slickmaster | © 2012 september twenty-eight productions

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