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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When a bull lost its rose.

Just a piece of observation on the series though I never witnessed everything game per game.

When Derrick Roses loses himself to injury at the very first game of the 2012 National Basketball Association Playoffs, it changed the fate of his team and the entire competition on the Eastern Conference.

Chicago Bulls was known for a championship contender before, especially when they had their MVP on their lineup. They even win games during the time he’s at sick bay though. But the fact that this is playoff time, the intensity level rises, players mature even and every one’s fighting at a higher risk.

Well, Rose had been badly hurt for some time this season, but it so happened at this point of time; he got himself hitting an even tougher proverbial wall, and that came before game 1 ends on a bad fall. And the result? A torn ACL. And according to its team doctor Brian Cole, he’ll be out until late January, the earliest. Which means a minimum of 8 months for its recovery period, and it could even prolonged to 12 months.

Well, if I can remember very well, this injury almost halted Shawn Livingston’s career then. The 6-foot-7 point guard of the Los Angeles Clippers way back a mid-decade ago, was on the verge of rising until this happened to him.

Well, when Rose loses, so were the Bulls. Well I think they still have a chance of winning it, until Joakim Noah got hurt either. Philadelphia had a surprise run at game 3 of their series at the 76ers home court which turned everything totally upside down. And the icing on the cake – 2 free throws at game 6. And the result? There. Another playoff upset!

When the Bulls lost, it changed the fate for the entire Eastern conference playoffs. They looked upon them as a perennial team to compete in the Eastern finals against another favorite Miami Heat. But when Philadelphia eliminated them, it paved way for the other teams to have a fat chance for the title. Well, let’s see on the coming weeks.

Author: slick master
Date and time: 05/16/2012, 11:24 a.m.
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