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Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Return of BITAG Live.

11:35:45 AM | 3/21/2013

I used to work for a piece which I labelled as “Worthy freebies,” a blog post that tackled my personal choice of programs at the Philippine TV by some time last year. However, I did not finish writing it due to a lot of factors, including the sudden demise of some programs that I am patronizing and also, I lost my interest in watching TV.

I used to be a fan of this television program titled BITAG Live during my days of being a college freshman. At first, it airs around 9-10:30 in the morning at UNTV 37, then after a few years it was moved at an earlier timeslot of 7:30-9AM. Since then, my morning will never be complete if I missed an episode of it.
Yeah, I even managed to own a cellular phone unit that has a TV on it, just to watch this program.

BITAG Live aired a bunch of segments and a series of no-holds-barred commentaries with the host himself, Mr. BITAG known as Ben Tulfo. From his takes on issues at the current events sections to the flaws of every Juan dela Cruz at the streets, modus operandi and street crimes, and even health investigations. I even remember that Anaphylactic Shock Episode, the very first thing that I saw at BITAG Live and there goes Mr. Tulfo explaining to the viewers what they just saw, “Mga kaibigan, ang inyo pong napanood ay isang medical investigation...”

And also, they aired PINOY U.S. COPS Ride Along, a documentary-feature involving those Filipino-identified-American-policemen at the districts of Northern California.

BITAG Live aired for about 8 years, until it went to fold by just this last January 2013. I’m not a solid BITAGger , but it made me turn my TV off for most of the mornings that passed by.

Also, one of the saddest points at that time was the BITAG Girl by the name of Nikka Alejar, also left the station. Well... that’s much to our surprise, until I managed to have a short chat with her thru Facebook and inquiries about the latest development of that program.

Well, just when I thought BITAG Live was over... good thing it came back, though at a different-but-still-familiar-to-me channel. Yes, they went back on the air, and they’re taking over the 10-11AM slot of Radyo5 92.3 News FM, with simulcast over AksyonTV channel 41. Maybe, ‘coz he’s part of T3? Nah.

What made me interested on watching this program was because it was way different from a typical morning show. Some elements of news, information, commentary and some bits of entertainment were present, something that I have been addicted to with.

Another plus factor I guess will be the music. Since I am quite a fan of old school music, and quite good to know that Mike Kosa from 187 Mobstaz once made the program’s jingle.

At least, they’re back. Now, it’s time to turn my TV on again, and gonna brace myself for some kind of hard-hitting action. Much hotter than the scorching sun, I guess.

Author: slickmaster | (c) 2013 september twenty-eight productions

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