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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Punked Big Time.

12:44 AM | 03/20/2013

Hmm... wrestling nowadays may be brutally scripted to the eyes of some spectators. However, it's fun to watch though.

I am not a huge fan of wrestling, and I know CM Punk is one of the good stars to play and entertain the sport nowadays.

However, I did not like him much after that one match against The Rock during that finale part of the Royal Rumble event 2013. I used to remember watching that clash at 2 in the morning at the local channel here, only to end up getting emotional on that matter, and that includes throwing punches in the air after witnessing the final decision. 

Maybe because of that dirty tactic that saved him from the latter. Anyway, that only means that a robber should not deserve to win. Yeah right, lights went out and Punk was able to attack the rock and nail his last win over that stretch. But nah, he’d done that the very worse way.

Good thing Mr. McMahon came out and his title was stripped off, ending CM Punk’s 434 days of reigning as the WWE Champion. And the match was restarted. I think The Rock really deserved to top that one.
I actually would even think CM Punk should win the match only if he did not do it in some kind of robbery fashion. Nah, too bad… he went messy.

And a few weeks later, he made a disrespectful act to the tribute on the late Paul Bearer, something that triggered the massive hatred on him, including The Undertaker, and apparently extends his heartfelt apologies for his loss( oh, seriously?) at the up-and-coming Wrestlemaina 29, resulting into a no-disqualification match against Kane (thanks to that Vickie’s decision).

Well, he lost though. But the drama intensifies as the Punk stripped Paul’s urn to close the Monday Night raw episode.

I am the best in the world!… oh, seriously?

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