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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Throwback: OK GO’s Here It Goes Again.

12:49 PM | 03/15/2013

Just a short feature on a music some few years ago, folks.  Let’s roll, even if we’re not on a treadmill… shall we?

Anyone here who used to dig the pop rock in 2005? Well, I don’t know to you but maybe for a newbie in the listener’s scene then, I found the concept something like… “Hey, this must be a fresh one.”

Look, four people whom were band mates (whether I assumed or it is true) having fun at the treadmill for 3 minutes.  And they appear to be choreographed properly for good damn sakes.

At first, you might think, how they done that?

Talk about rock that can be a groovy one, eh? Cool as it seems, especially it was during the days where MTV videos are on the good roll, and music has really that type of sense way back.

Well, just saying.

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